Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

When it comes to musicals, everyone seems to have an opinion. There are some people who over-praise certain musicals, while there are few people who seem to blindly hate whatever that comes out. So what makes a musical really great? […]

Tips To Write A Movie Review

Tips To Write A Movie Review

So you happen to watch a lot of movies every now and then. And most of the time, you seem to have an opinion that you want to share. Maybe, you liked it, maybe you didn’t like certain parts. The […]

Anna Kendricks Way of Truest Life

Anna Kendrick’s Way of Life

Anna Kendrick is one of America’s sweethearts. With her ever growing fan base, she is considered as one of America’s talented actress. Not only that, she happens to be a musician as well. Anna Kendrick was born on the 9th […]


A brief demonstration of what it takes to be the best

Many actors, writers, directors and producers continue to get it wrong. What matters to most production houses is the bottom line; to make as much money as possible. The familiar term, ‘block buster’ is also a misnomer, because apart from the movie’s high gross earnings, the fact that it was quite good or had mass appeal, socially, artistically or otherwise, is sometimes dismissed. This is just one reason why so many sequels to already successful first runs end up becoming duds.

What matters most is audience appreciation

Focused on the drive to generate more profits for the Production Company and investors, little attention is placed on improving on an already successful enterprise. Costs contained, there is little or no artistic and technical innovation. And before long, reputations are damaged, sometimes irreparably and leading to severe loss of income for less influential role players. The actors, writers, directors and producers who get it right consistently whenever they churn out a new movie, know what it takes to truly be the best at what they do.

The commercial nature of the movie business allows the most talented artistes to enjoy a steady stream of work without being concerned about being the highest-paid actor or most profitable enterprise. What matters more to the dedicated actor, screen-writer and director is the critical acclaim and audience appreciation they receive after completing their performances and work with a flourish. Where talent and dedication is concerned, the standard bearer remains the iconic Oscar, awarded annually at gala events in and around Los Angeles.

Practice makes it picture perfect

Because it remains enduringly popular with most movie goers as a form of escapism and entertainment, helping them to forget the realities of daily life and fantasize imaginatively for a couple of hours, the action adventure genre is here to stay. This is a good thing because purists can still make definitive choices based on their own instincts and tastes while ignoring critical reviews (qualified and unqualified). What makes some of these action flicks truly shine is the professionalism of the entire production crew.

Should you ever have the privilege of being on the set one day, do not be surprised to see the leading man practicing maneuvers on a fighting or stationary grappling dummy. Practice makes perfect, and the most dedicated action men (and women) will spend hours training until they get the sequence one hundred percent perfect. Even rehearsing lines in front of an unresponsive doll is not uncommon. And far removed from the set, the work of the most dedicated craftsmen and women continues.

We hope you enjoy the show

Finally, staying with the action genre, it is not uncommon for actors to continue training their bodies and minds with other pursuits such as motor racing, road running traditional gym work and boxing and a range of martial arts disciplines. This was just a brief demonstration of what it takes to be the best in the movie business. We hope you enjoyed the show.

5 Actors Who Made it Big in Both Film and Theater

Having reaped success in both musical theater and cinema, Anna Kendrick is unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses. She made it seem easy to cross over these two totally different genres, but the truth is that it’s no easy feat.

Although theater and cinema are both in the performance arts field, they require unique talents from actors. Much like bananas and apples, musical plays and musical-themed movies are totally different creatures. You can’t easily pluck out a movie actor to play a role in a musical, as much as, you can’t have a stage actor perform a movie role. Things that run on live performance shows are unique in every way, as well as acting in front of cameras.

Stage actors undergo extensive training before they are considered for a role. It’s a profession that requires triple talent: dancing, singing, and acting. Many Broadway and West End artists enrolled in a formal music school before they were considered for a role. They are professionals who have completed formal training. Much like what you would do if you want to be a professional nail technician, where you would apply and enroll in a training school, such as those found in this website.

While many of today’s celebrities rose to fame without real reason, it’s refreshing to know some stars who banked on real talent and had their big breaks on the stage. Here are a few A-list actors who have made a big leap from theater stage to movie screens:

  1. Meryl Streep

Before portraying various movie roles, Streep played the role of Miss Imogen in the 1975 Broadway revival of Trelawny of the Wells. She then landed a breakout film role in Manhattan and The Deer Hunter. Streep currently holds the record of most Oscar nominations.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker may well be considered the quintessential American woman for playing the role of Manolo Blahnik in the television show Sex and the City. Her stylist and nail technicians, who seemed to have graduated from a nail technician school like this, dressed her up so elegantly. But before popularizing this iconic role, she had played a number of roles in several Broadway productions including Annie.

  1. Hugh Jackman

Who would have thought, Wolverine can dance and sing? Prior to assuming the ferocious, immortal clawed-superhero, Jackman was well-known for playing the lead character in the 1998 West End production Oklahoma! In 2012, the Australian actor wowed movie-goers with his impressive portrayal of Jean Valjean in the movie version of Les Miserables.

  1. John Travolta

We were endeared to Travolta’s Danny Zuko in the movie “Grease” but prior to that, he landed a role in the touring production of the musical “Grease” as well as a Broadway production of “Over Here!”

  1. Kristin Chenoweth

In 1997, Chenoweth debuted in the Broadway musical “Steel Pier” which earned her a Theatre World Award. She landed a number of roles in different musical productions prior to crossing over to Hollywood. In 2003, she returned to Broadway to join with Idina Menzel for the musical “Wicked.” The two got nominations for their roles.

Lea Michele, Taye Diggs, Jerry Orbach, Josh Gad, and Jeffrey Wright are other products of Broadway who are also carving a name in Hollywood. Know any artist who also started on stage?




An insight into film lighting

An insight into film lighting

Lighting plays a key role in filming, especially the fill light and backlight. Fill light is the soft lighting in the front, while the stronger light in the back is the backlight. The lights can be arranged strategically, so you get a dark area between the space the backlight illuminates and the space the fill light illuminates to get a moody feel to the shot. This is very effective in most moody and somber settings.

For getting a different look, you can make the backlight softer, but in any setting, the backlight should dominate the fill light. This is part of the reason, why films take longer time to shoot. Light setting is the task that eats up plenty of time during film shoots. Therefore, it is better to plan a scene in such a way that it doesn’t need frequent relocation. And this is best accomplished when you order the scenes according to the lighting.

Time saving tip

In a scene with reverse and direct shot, instead of shifting lights and camera to the opposite side, switch actors and camera to the other side, so you get the right, eye line relationship. This lets you use a single lighting for multiple shots. Based on the situation, you may have to shift the props too. This tactic is right when the background of the actors present is identical. While this may not work all the time, when used in the right setting, it can come out well and save time too.

Cost effective lighting

Since lighting is pivotal in both video and film in relation to mood and tone setting, choosing a cost effective option is best. While fluorescent or tungsten lighting sets have been used conventionally, LEDs are becoming more popular now. These give better and powerful lighting and are cost saving too. In fact, even vehicles including emergency vehicles have efficient led light bars fitted in them to increase the lighting, when they drive at night.

Color mixing

The custom of mixing color temperatures of different types has been used to bring on a greater impact on scenes. This involves using different colored lights in a single shot. ‘Terminator 2’ had the steel mill shot where orange and blue light was used to symbolize molten steel and moonlight. But before you decide on color mixing, you have to assess the relationship of the different colors you are mixing, as it is impossible to change blue to a darker hue without turning the orange into a bluish tinge or less orangish.

One of the important things you note when you visit a film set is the harsh lighting. For an untrained eye, the place would look too bright. You may wonder why such efforts and money are put into lighting when the film would look more natural without them. The reason is that film as well as video does not react to light as our eyes react.

The contrast in lighting we see in real life cannot be dealt with by the film and video. Without artificial lights, you are bound to get the shadows go totally black or have a white area on the highlights. To get a natural scene, you need to have as much lighting as needed by the film or video to make it look natural.

Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

When it comes to musicals, everyone seems to have an opinion. There are some people who over-praise certain musicals, while there are few people who seem to blindly hate whatever that comes out. So what makes a musical really great? Well, a musical should have a good theme, a story telling mode, great music and some really good speech delivery. Not to mention, the performers should bring the characters into life. That being said, we have created a list of top 10 best musicals ever made.

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Tips To Write A Movie Review

Tips To Write A Movie Review

So you happen to watch a lot of movies every now and then. And most of the time, you seem to have an opinion that you want to share. Maybe, you liked it, maybe you didn’t like certain parts. The point is, you have a review in store for others to read. However, writing a movie review isn’t exactly as easy as it seems. You need to have credible backings of the things you are saying. It can’t be as plain as a book report that you did in high school. With that being said, here are a few tips that you can use to write a good movie review.

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Anna Kendrick’s Way of Life

Anna Kendricks Way of Truest Life

Anna Kendrick is one of America’s sweethearts. With her ever growing fan base, she is considered as one of America’s talented actress. Not only that, she happens to be a musician as well.

Anna Kendrick was born on the 9th Of August in the year 1985. Born in Portland, Maine, Anna was the daughter of Janice, an accountant and William Kendrick, who was a history teacher as well as working in the finance. Anna is of English, Irish and Scottish decent.

Anna was interested in acting from a very early age. She started her acting career at the early age of just 10. Having supporting parents, Anna’s parents would often drive her from Portland to New York just to audition for roles. She got her first significant role in the Broadway musical called High Society back in August 1998. She was just 12 years old when she landed the role of Dinah. Her performance in High Society was so good that she won the Theatre World Award as well as being nominated for a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award.

Anna went on to make a number of appearances in a couple of other productions, which include the musical A Little Night Music, playing Fredrika Armfeldt in the New York City Opera production.

She finally made her film debut back in 2003 in a musical comedy called Camp. Her performance in Camp won her a nomination at the Independent Spirits Awards for Best Debut Performance for her portrayal of Fritzi Wagner. Her early years as an actress also saw her acting in the film Rocket Science as Ginny Ryerson. The performance in that role saw her achieve applauds from the critics and she was nominated for an Independent Spirit award for Best Supporting Actress.

One of her well known roles as an actress was as the role of Jessica Stanley in Stephenie Meyer’s novel the Twilight. She auditioned for that role in 2008 and got selected to play the role of Jessica. She has since then appeared in the sequels of the Twilight Saga.

As a result of Anna’s theatre singing experience, she was able to land the role in the movie The Marc Pease Experience. She stared in that movie in 2009. She also landed the lead character in the movie “Elsewhere” in 2009 as well as in the movie Up In the Air. Her performance in the latter earned her the Best Supporting Actress from the National Board of Review. Her career has seen her pick up several nominations from critics awards including, The Golden Globes, The Screen Actors Guild, and the Academy Awards.

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Two awesome but well shot motorbike scenes

Two awesome but well shot motorbike scenesThinking back to what has been emphatically confirmed as the last ever The Fast and the Furious movie to be made, particularly since Paul Walker’s tragic death in his beloved but dangerously set up Porsche, one also thinks about how many hundreds of action movies have been made over the years where motor cars of all shapes and sizes continue to be the wheels of choice when it comes to hit and run and cut to the chase scenes.

Motorbikes rarely get a look in but when they do, some of those scenes really do make a splash.

You know that feeling when a song is stuck in your head

For one thing, filming authentic wheelie scenes where motor cycles are going at full throttle are not easy to do. Filming the actors in their mobile carriages is hard enough. Getting some of the ladies to sit still and put on their stylish ladies’ bike helmets is quite another thing. Some of the actresses out there are quite the pretentious divas. One can’t help thinking of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character in America’s Sweetheart (along with Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal and John Cusack).

One also wonders whether the younger Anna Kendrick and some her peers would have been a better fit for playing spoiled divas with nothing to show for their success other than their doting and helpful sisters and their ongoing superficial popularity.

But we were talking about classic motorbike scenes, weren’t we. There are two scenes stuck in this writer’s mind right about now. You know that feeling where you have a song with striking lyrics stuck in your head and you just can’t seem to remove it in spite of humming the words over and over again? Like that, same thing, only different pictures.

The memorable bike scenes

And most certainly different sounds. Like the revving of Will Smith’s ancient but well looked after bike which he is able to rev off on at top speed, dodging dozens of short-wired androids until the inevitable tailspin which sees to it that the legendary bike is sacrificed out of this thrilling scene sequence. Whether Smith the actor or Mr. Smith the actor’s stunt driver was seen, both were safe, wearing full-faced helmets with smart visors which only bike fans would truly appreciate. http://www.motorcyclistlife.com/ talk in-depth about the safety features inherited from choosing the right helmet.

The great T E Lawrence wore one of those old leather strap-on caps when he quietly went flying over the ditch after carousing at break-neck speed in spite of the warning signs ahead. Perhaps he didn’t see them this time around? But this eccentric man had quite a life as David Lean’s extremely long Lawrence of Arabia shows. Then there were not many bikes or cars but plenty of Arabian thoroughbreds and the usual herds of moping camels.

We would have liked to name and note a few more scenes but our time is up for now. Now that I think about it, Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider is beginning to trouble me too.

The importance of lighting for dramatic and performance effects

The actor and songstress already has her work cut out to produce the most dramatic and endearing performance that she is capable of and which will impress her audience so much so that they will leave the auditorium with memories of her glittering performance. Her performance being a memorable one, leaves her audience with new talking points, something to think about, when they stop over for a late night cappuccino. She is usually successful in her delivery because she has spent many hours and weeks rehearsing.

Finding the best lighting technicians that money can buy

But on those extremely rare occasions when her performance flops, it is not entirely her fault, if at all. It has a lot more to do with the production’s director who as commander in chief must take ultimate responsibility for any failures. Even small-town productions, often put together voluntarily, have its share of euphoria and failure. Now, these small get-togethers often have to improvise with limited resources. Here, it is no stretch of the imagination to suggest that these small crews may go to this website when they install their small LED lighting pods to create visibility for the audience and add extra effects for the purposes of drama and focalizing.

That brings us to the all-important aspect of proper stage lighting. This is not the domain of the actress or singer. The director is partially responsible, and it is left to him to work closely and persuasively with his executive producers (who control all aspects related to financing the show) to source the best darn lighting technicians that money can buy.

Unrecognizably different in real life

These lighting technicians are invariably talented and have had years of experience in show business. Some of them even come from backgrounds as diverse as those you may find at places such as Light Bar Land. Directors and actors count on them for their ability to improvise with the tools and lights they have at their disposal. When budgets are tight and producers are pinching pennies, you can only imagine the challenges faced by these erudite technicians. But as Anna may quickly be able to tell you, they get it right most times.

There’s also another collaboration which audiences often take for granted or are not entirely aware of. Take this scenario, for instance. Imagine you are walking down Hollywood Boulevard one afternoon. In the process, you would not have noticed whether Anna Kendrick or Julia Roberts, or anyone else famous had walked past. Ms. Roberts would probably have covered her face with sunshades and her flaming locks with a cap so as not to be noticed. But that’s beside the point. Actors and actresses look unrecognizably different in real life without their stage make-up on.

Now, the make-up artist has to take the lighting technician’s mastery into account in order to paint a glowing picture for the audience of the stage character. And the best actors in the business always co-operate and work well with their technicians to ensure that the finished article, themselves mostly, is a work of art.

Musical Introspections and Inspiration

It is that time of the year when most folks will be taking a break after a long year of hard work. Although it has often been said; how did the year go by so quickly and why weren’t we able to reach that particular milestone in life? Anna Kendrick and her fellow actors and singers will not, however, be taking a break. Such is the nature of their line of work. During any normal week, she and her musical colleagues will be performing on some nights and weekends. After all, this is the only time that working men and women can come to see or hear them.

An opportunity to shine

This is particularly true of this time of the year, and probably the busiest time for actors, film, stage and otherwise, and musicians. Their shows are fully-booked. This is also a peak time for Hollywood producers and their actors to be doing the promotional rounds, barely two months away from Oscar season. Now, Anna will appreciate this, struggling musicians are also in on the act if you will. This time of the year gives them an opportunity to shine and be noticed.

Having to work while others are having a good time could be considered an occupational hazard for actors and musicians but it’s not. For them, this is their calling. Ms. Kendrick has probably seen Burlesque and Black Swan several times over. In both these films, the young performer’s struggle to get to the top of the heap, as the famous song goes, is fore-grounded. Spike Lee must have had a rollicking time during his filming of Mo Better Blues. He captured the right notes, never needing a beginner’s trumpet to learn, and showcased the struggles of the typical (but famous) jazz trumpeter.

What to watch while it snows

Clint Eastwood’s biopic of the life and times of Charlie Parker was probably more introspective and serene. But at this time of the year, while there is a need to pause for thought, thinking what could have been done differently and better during the year, most people just want to relax and enjoy themselves, so, naturally, the performers must dutifully play their part.

In some parts of North America, it’s just too cold and the snow is pelting down a tad too hard to go outdoors. So, some folks will watch re-runs of their favorite shows. A recommended epic for children is the timeless adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Those who have seen the show may have hilarious recollections of King Louis and his band of reckless monkeys. To this day, no-one really knows how these lads managed to replicate the notes produced by the fine Bach Stradivarius horn. Those who are romantic at heart, on the other hand, might be re-watching Grease and Dirty Dancing.

All things being equal let no musician or actor tell you that they aren’t happy to see you. Your presence rewards them in more ways than one. You gave them their bread and butter but, more importantly, you allowed them to follow through on their calling.


Movies With the Best Explosion Scenes

Explosion scenes in movies are so exciting and stunning that viewers are left spell bound at the extent of destruction portrayed. High budget films usually have exploding scenes in them. The massive fireball explosion is set at the end or beginning to draw viewers’ attention.

While the quieter films do have their share of rapt audience, it is the explosive scenes, which kindle the young action loving kid in us. The mind numbing explosions rank high in the list of visually appealing scenes in movies.

With special effects evolving into a hi-tech phenomenon now, the explosion scenes are even more massive and heart stopping. Explosions are an inevitable addition to action thrillers and spy movies with the same goal of destruction. .

Here is a list of some of the biggest explosions filmed ever. The explosions are not only visually pleasing in these movies but serve as a turning point or climax of the movie.

Fight Club

giphyTyler Durden’s long and interesting self-discovery journey explodes into an awesome destructive ballet as Mission Mayhem concludes. The explosive skyline is just a remarkable sight!

V for Vendetta

2847-v-vendetta-and-vfx_0The two-minute explosion in this film towards the end when V, the phantom freedom fighter, blows up the parliament building in London is a real coup here. The explosion gives an impressive display that is a blend of carnage and celebration that symbolizes the character of V who has to destroy in order to liberate.


The explosion in this movie is used to kill the threatening mammoth white shark. Brody shoots quite a dynamic bomb right into the shark’s mouth in what is considered as one of the best explosions scenes ever in movie history. While this is about a bomb-induced explosion in a fish, there are scenes that feature explosion inside an aquarium. Jackie Chan movie First Strike has one big aquarium explosion scene, which lets the shark held inside free. Big aquariums such as one in this movie need good filters such as those at http://canisterfilterguide.com/


Needless to mention, but this entire movie is about blowing something or someone, which Sylvester Stallone does with relish. And viewers have lapped it all up, in spite of the sequels featuring similar fare.

Independence Day

This is another movie, which survives on explosions. If you look at it closely, you will find that it is an excellent compilation of explosions. From government building and revered monuments to skyscrapers, everything is reduced to dust in this movie.  While explosion are mostly part of high budget films you can find exploding scenes in comedies too. The film Duece Bigalow Male Gigalow is a comedy, which has huge aquarium tanks exploding in the movie. Sometimes-poor quality glass in the tank can also cause an explosion, but not of the calibre seen in this movie. With good quality tank and proper maintenance, using efficient Fish Tank Filters it is possible to prevent harm to the fish, tank and the surrounding.

Inglourious Basterds

This 2009 Quentin Tarantino movie is notorious for its extreme violence, which served as its downfall eventually. While the movie ending has come under controversy for its inaccurate portrayal of history, the end of the dictator in this movie is a deserved one. The mindless explosions are sure to put a blot on your day.

Movies That Tickle Your Taste Buds

Food enthusiasts need not eat delicious food to fulfil their food fantasies, just having their eyes’ fill of the delectable and delicious fare can set them off on their food fantasy. True food lovers use all their senses to enjoy food. Movies serve as a visually stimulating medium for all, especially food enthusiasts. Here are movies that food enthusiasts love to watch.


This 2014 movie has Jon Favreau playing the role of Carl a chef in a ritzy restaurant. He is frustrated by the dull and monotonous menu his boss had created. One fine day he speaks out his mind and loses his job as a result. But everything ends well, as he goes back to his roots making a living out of selling Cuban sandwiches in his food truck along with his son.


This popular film is set in an upscale French restaurant.  A rat with a connoisseur’s taste helps a garbage boy Alfredo Linguini played by Lou Romano to realize their dream of becoming famous chefs.  Food preparation is always considered an arduous task. But with appliances such as the meat grinder available at http://www.meatgrinderadviser.com/ difficult tasks are easily accomplished and you get a tasty and delicious meal to savour in a short time.

The Lunchbox

This movie released in 2013 is about Ila, a neglected young wife played by Nimrat Kaur. Ila in an all-out effort to rekindle her husband’s love sends a very special lunch through a big courier service in the city. The package is mistakenly sent to Irfan Khan, a widower and this starts a deluded but nevertheless a sweet relationship.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

This 2009 film by Amblin Entertainment has Bill Hader playing the role of a misfit scientist- Flint Lockwood. He invents a machine that can change water to food, but this goes awry when all the water in the atmosphere is converted to food. For meatball lovers, this film is a sure entertainer. Meatballs taste better when they are made from scratch and using a top quality meat grinder such as SUNMILE SM G31 helps a lot.


This film by Miramax entertainment released in 2000 focuses on the universal love of chocolate. Vianne played by Juliette Binoche is a single mother who moves to a rural region in France planning to open a chocolaterie near the local church.  The sweet indulgences and hours they keep create a big uproar in the rural town, which further worsens by the entry of Roux played by Johnny Depp, a gypsy. But in the end it is the almighty chocolate that wins hands down.

Big Night

This film has two Italian brothers Primo played by Tony Shalhoub and Secondo played by Stanley Tucci. The emigrant family had opened up an Italian eatery in New York. Primo exhibits true Latin fervour when he refuses to acquiesce the wishes of the patrons idea of Italian fare. His brother Secondo is a perfect foil smooth talking his way into making the restaurant a successful one. But all ideals are set aside, when they are required to cook for a gala concert, which they think is the big night that will change their fortune.

Boats in films

Boats in films

Boats have captured the attention of movie fans for a long time. The huge steamboat that sails in the Amazon in Fitzcarraldo and Waterworld’s trimaran are definite attractions that moviegoers would remember with pleasure. While ship take a giant share of attention, smaller vessels such as Das Boot’s U-96, the shrimping vessel in Forrest Gump and The inferno in The Goonies have garnered equal amount of enthralled audience. Here is a list of some of the best movies featuring boats in starring role.

Steamboat Willie

This animation film has Mickey Mouse piloting a steamboat on a river, as he romances with Minnie Mouse. Mickey entertains Minnie by playing animals, as if they were musical instruments.

The Perfect Storm

This film is a real life tale of a crew in a fishing boat who are besieged by a perfect storm, when they fail to heed to warnings about a hurricane. This film is one of the best movies featuring boats and shows how important it is for boaters to be safe always. From having a sturdy fishing kayak or sailing boat to going out in the right weather, you need to be careful, even when it is a simple fishing trip.


This movie starring Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn is about a spoiled rich girl who gets amnesia, while falling overboard. The carpenter whom she had treated badly earlier and fired takes revenge by convincing that she is his wife. While normally this may scare you witless, the movie plot manages to make the entire tale a hilarious and absorbing one.


This list is not complete without this iconic Spielberg movie. A giant white shark has its evil way with a small town, but is killed after a professional hunter of sharks, a marine biologist and the town’s police chief come together and destroy it. The movie is still a hot favorite among many film fans young and old.

Captain Phillips

This Tom Hanks film is about the hijacking of a ship by pirates. The movie was both critically and commercially a big hit. This movie is a must- watch movie not only in the boat list but otherwise too.

All is Lost

This is a boating movie, which frightens even a seasoned boater to be cautious, while on the water. The story is about a man’s survival, when he is lost while sailing. Robert Redford is the only cast in this film other than the boat of course and utters only a few words in the entire film.

This movie casts a spell even with just a single cast member. While sailing even if it is on an efficient fishing kayak such as the Wilderness Systems Ride Kayak, you need to take the necessary precautions and make sure you do not lose sight of the shore at any cost. While being on water can be both exhilarating and relaxing, it does not mean you should disregard basic safety measures.

Life of Pi

This movie is one of the recent movies that feature a boat as a prominent cast in the film. This film about how a 16-year-old boy survives from a shipwreck with a lifeboat and Bengal tiger for company is a very compelling story that should not be missed on any account.

Throwing a celebrity dinner party

Throwing a celebrity dinner partyThe movie industry is known for its elaborate and glamourous parties. With all the important people in attendance, you are bound to give very little thought to how the food is as you would spend most of the time staring at all the glitz and glamor. Arranging a dinner party for celebrities is not that easy to manage. You need to consider the guest list and the preferences of the guests and arrive at a pleasing and sumptuous meal without any mishaps. Here are some tips on hosting a great party whether it is a celebrity gala event or a simple one with family and friends.

Guest list

A dinner party is the chance for you to show off your exquisitely decorated dining room. While you are dying to show the décor to your friends and acquaintances, you should keep in mind the space constraints and put together a list accordingly. The plates and glassware should also be considered. In comparison, an outdoor party is much easier. A barbeque is more of an informal party that lets you and guests unwind and relax. With a wonderful gas smoker, you can dish out a delicious fare. And the preparations need not be as elaborate as what an indoor party needs.

Healthy menu

The food allergies that your guests have should be known beforehand. You have several different types of allergies to consider, before you choose your menu such as diary free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc. This can make the menu planning a big headache.

The secret to have a successful party is not planning on tons of dishes trying to appease all your guests. The best way to plan the menu is choosing healthy foods. Since health consciousness is on the overboard, now you can think of grilled foods instead of fried food for starters.

Grilled meat or vegetable from one of a reliable pellet smokers is a great alternative to the fried meat. In fact, your guests will thank you for the healthy choices. For instance, you can serve fish or meat instead of potatoes and rice, or farro or quinoa as the starch items.

Preparing food

cupcakesInstead of being stuck in the cooking for the party, you can choose dishes that you can prepare well in advance, and which need very little cooking time. For salads, you can choose a salad like Caesar kale salad. This would be great as first course and you can even toss it in dressing early without worrying about the salad wilting. This salad holds up very well.

Dishes such as short ribs can be marinated well before hand and the cooking time is minimal.  You need to just put the ribs in sauce and cook them. For veggies, you can grill asparagus, pepper, and mushrooms.

When planning an indoor dinner party, you can split up the party by having the appetizer in one room, dessert in another and so on. This will give enough breathing room and you can have the satisfaction of showing off your beautiful dining, den, patio, or other rooms in your home to your guests.

Finding your focus and inspiration from the movies

Finding your focus and inspiration from the movies

Ever wondered what truly makes Anna Kendrick tick and how she works wonders with her stagecraft and voice? Still young and truly a star in the making, it should not be long before the rest of the world joins you in admiring her innate talent and charismatic screen presence. Like the writers of appealing posts, most actors and musicians will find inspiration from past performances, sometimes using them to hone their own talents but without ever losing focus of retaining their original persona. Earlier, the challenges of staying calm and focused while performing on stage was mentioned.

Focused training

There’s a lesson for everyone in trying to maintain eye contact. Away from the stage, it is indicative of giving undivided attention to a speaker. The best stage and screen actors and musicians will at some stage of their off-stage working life include mental and physical exercises to enhance their skills of concentration and focused eye contact. While rehearsing, they will also focus their hearts and minds on an area of their lives that helps them bring up the right emotions for that particular scene.


Those who have had the good fortune of attending drama school will know that physical exercises are a necessary part of every actor’s training. Also, think about those Hollywood legends, even those well into middle age, who always look fabulously in shape. It’s a necessary evil given the heroic roles they are cast to play. And they will tell you that it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to maintain those good looks and handsome features. You could just as well compare the training and coaching regimens of actors (and musicians) with that of athletes.


Inspirational themes


The principles are pretty much the same. And like actors, athletes need their inspiration too. An earlier post also listed admiringly favorite characters who are all brave and skilled archers. One character, John Rambo, could remind you of one of the most inspiring films made in the last thirty years or so. Audiences, young and old, have by now seen Rocky, one of the most famous sports movies of all time. Staying with this theme for a moment, boxing is a great way to teach both actors and sportsmen and women how to maintain good eye contact.


In this contact sport, the eyes are a strategic weapon. Like other sports, using the right equipment is also important. If you are interested to learn more you could go to this website and read a little further. Coincidentally, Anna will probably agree with this, epic films are effective when they have a great theme song to support the story. Eye of the Tiger is one such memorable soundtrack from one of the Rocky sequels.



Readers will agree that there are many movies and songs that inspire them, so much so that it prompts them to do courageous things, much like Anna Kendrick and her industry peers are doing right now.


Skin care tips for actors and models

Skin care tips for actors and models

The constant exposure to flashing cameras and hot lights of a movie set that are necessary for making a shot look good are actually harmful for the skin. Movies stars and models have to face the lights on a daily basis. This brings on wrinkles soon, even in young actors.

The harsh makeup products further add insult to the injury. Most actors start out as models and later enter into movies. They have glowing, health complexions initially, but later the harsh lights make up, and celebrity way of living brings on damage to the silky and vibrant skin.

Models and actors are the main people who have to be under constant limelight both in front and off the camera. The celebrity life involves constantly applying and removing makeup, working under high pressure and facing the harsh stage lighting all the time. As far as cosmetic use is concerned, it affects all those who use it.

Makeup issues

Constantly applying and removing of makeup products such as eye shadow, foundation, mascara and other cosmetics including those used to remove the makeup contain harsh chemicals, which damage the skin.

Nowadays you have advanced skin care machines such as the dermabrasion machines found at http://www.camilasbeauty.com/, which take care of blemishes and gives smooth and glowing skin reducing the need for applying loads of cosmetics to get a gorgeous looking skin.

Models and actors have more issues as they need to change the makeup between scenes or photos. Similarly, those not in the show business too need to replace their makeup to a lighter one when they return home from work and prepare for an evening out. So, they need to continuously apply makeup, remove it and re-apply it in succession.

Sometimes actors have to wear very heavy makeup all day for certain scenes. Thus, this constant assault on the skin by chemicals, make it susceptible to skin lesions, sun damage, moles, warts and skin damage. Therefore, models, actors, and other persons who love applying makeup need to know how to remove the makeup properly and safeguard their skin.

Tips for skin care

Applying a base of copper peptide serum before makeup application helps to protect the skin from environmental damage.

Hydroxy acids should be used to remove dead skin cell layer and other damaged proteins in the skin removing flaws and giving an appealing complexion. Using REJUVADERM-MD dermabrasion device also helps to remove flaws and give your skin a wonderful glow.

To remove makeup, you need to use biological healing oils, which do not cause any damage to skin as the chemical makeup removers do. You need to apply the healing oil and rub gently to get rid of the makeup. After the makeup is removed, rinse with sufficiently warm water. The oil that remains after helps to replenish the natural skin oils.

While removing makeup, using soaps can make the skin, look dry. Instead, mild cleansers should be used gently. To repair the protective barrier of the skin and its antioxidant protection mechanism, application of serum of copper peptide is necessary. This repairs the skin within 48 hours’ time.