A brief demonstration of what it takes to be the best

Many actors, writers, directors and producers continue to get it wrong. What matters to most production houses is the bottom line; to make as much money as possible. The familiar term, ‘block buster’ is also a misnomer, because apart from the movie’s high gross earnings, the fact that it was quite good or had mass appeal, socially, artistically or otherwise, is sometimes dismissed. This is just one reason why so many sequels to already successful first runs end up becoming duds.

What matters most is audience appreciation

Focused on the drive to generate more profits for the Production Company and investors, little attention is placed on improving on an already successful enterprise. Costs contained, there is little or no artistic and technical innovation. And before long, reputations are damaged, sometimes irreparably and leading to severe loss of income for less influential role players. The actors, writers, directors and producers who get it right consistently whenever they churn out a new movie, know what it takes to truly be the best at what they do.

The commercial nature of the movie business allows the most talented artistes to enjoy a steady stream of work without being concerned about being the highest-paid actor or most profitable enterprise. What matters more to the dedicated actor, screen-writer and director is the critical acclaim and audience appreciation they receive after completing their performances and work with a flourish. Where talent and dedication is concerned, the standard bearer remains the iconic Oscar, awarded annually at gala events in and around Los Angeles.

Practice makes it picture perfect

Because it remains enduringly popular with most movie goers as a form of escapism and entertainment, helping them to forget the realities of daily life and fantasize imaginatively for a couple of hours, the action adventure genre is here to stay. This is a good thing because purists can still make definitive choices based on their own instincts and tastes while ignoring critical reviews (qualified and unqualified). What makes some of these action flicks truly shine is the professionalism of the entire production crew.

Should you ever have the privilege of being on the set one day, do not be surprised to see the leading man practicing maneuvers on a fighting or stationary grappling dummy. Practice makes perfect, and the most dedicated action men (and women) will spend hours training until they get the sequence one hundred percent perfect. Even rehearsing lines in front of an unresponsive doll is not uncommon. And far removed from the set, the work of the most dedicated craftsmen and women continues.

We hope you enjoy the show

Finally, staying with the action genre, it is not uncommon for actors to continue training their bodies and minds with other pursuits such as motor racing, road running traditional gym work and boxing and a range of martial arts disciplines. This was just a brief demonstration of what it takes to be the best in the movie business. We hope you enjoyed the show.

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