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MikeHello my name is Mike, nice to have you here! If you are the Anna Kendrick fan, and you are looking somewhere where you can talk about her,  praise all her work, discuss her recent work with fellow Anna Kendrick fans and do much more, then a-kendrick.com is t perfect website for you.

Anna Kendrick is America’s sweetheart. This amazing lady is not only a magnificent actress but a talented musician too. Her fans are absolutely crazy about her. They love for Anna knows no bound. And it only makes sense that these loyal and die-hard fans get a website of their own. This might be the first ever website which is completely run by the Anna Kendrick fans.  If you have an opinion regarding Anna, then feel free to share it over here.

Come discuss about the roles that Anna have played in all her movies. What did you like about the movie? Did you think Anna could do her role justice? Was there any room for improvement or was she flawless in her execution of the character that she played? Talk about all these with other Anna fans.

That’s not all, as mentioned above; Anna is a very talented musician. Talk about her best songs and the ones you absolutely fell in love with. Was it the lyrics or the vocals that made you feel good? What kind of songs do you see her performing next? What genre would suit her best? All these topics are more or less covered in this website.

If you are not satisfied with that, then you can talk about the movie industry in which she is currently making a mark. You can get all sorts of updates on her work and progress in her life in this website. If you have news that you came across, feel free to share it along with the rest of the fans. This is the perfect place to showcase your love for Anna Kendrick.