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Finding your focus and inspiration from the movies

Finding your focus and inspiration from the movies

Ever wondered what truly makes Anna Kendrick tick and how she works wonders with her stagecraft and voice? Still young and truly a star in the making, it should not be long before the rest of the world joins you in admiring her innate talent and charismatic screen presence. Like the writers of appealing posts, most actors and musicians will find inspiration from past performances, sometimes using them to hone their own talents but without ever losing focus of retaining their original persona. Earlier, the challenges of staying calm and focused while performing on stage was mentioned.

Focused training

There’s a lesson for everyone in trying to maintain eye contact. Away from the stage, it is indicative of giving undivided attention to a speaker. The best stage and screen actors and musicians will at some stage of their off-stage working life include mental and physical exercises to enhance their skills of concentration and focused eye contact. While rehearsing, they will also focus their hearts and minds on an area of their lives that helps them bring up the right emotions for that particular scene.


Those who have had the good fortune of attending drama school will know that physical exercises are a necessary part of every actor’s training. Also, think about those Hollywood legends, even those well into middle age, who always look fabulously in shape. It’s a necessary evil given the heroic roles they are cast to play. And they will tell you that it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to maintain those good looks and handsome features. You could just as well compare the training and coaching regimens of actors (and musicians) with that of athletes.


Inspirational themes


The principles are pretty much the same. And like actors, athletes need their inspiration too. An earlier post also listed admiringly favorite characters who are all brave and skilled archers. One character, John Rambo, could remind you of one of the most inspiring films made in the last thirty years or so. Audiences, young and old, have by now seen Rocky, one of the most famous sports movies of all time. Staying with this theme for a moment, boxing is a great way to teach both actors and sportsmen and women how to maintain good eye contact.


In this contact sport, the eyes are a strategic weapon. Like other sports, using the right equipment is also important. If you are interested to learn more you could go to this website and read a little further. Coincidentally, Anna will probably agree with this, epic films are effective when they have a great theme song to support the story. Eye of the Tiger is one such memorable soundtrack from one of the Rocky sequels.



Readers will agree that there are many movies and songs that inspire them, so much so that it prompts them to do courageous things, much like Anna Kendrick and her industry peers are doing right now.


Skin care tips for actors and models

Skin care tips for actors and models

The constant exposure to flashing cameras and hot lights of a movie set that are necessary for making a shot look good are actually harmful for the skin. Movies stars and models have to face the lights on a daily basis. This brings on wrinkles soon, even in young actors.

The harsh makeup products further add insult to the injury. Most actors start out as models and later enter into movies. They have glowing, health complexions initially, but later the harsh lights make up, and celebrity way of living brings on damage to the silky and vibrant skin.

Models and actors are the main people who have to be under constant limelight both in front and off the camera. The celebrity life involves constantly applying and removing makeup, working under high pressure and facing the harsh stage lighting all the time. As far as cosmetic use is concerned, it affects all those who use it.

Makeup issues

Constantly applying and removing of makeup products such as eye shadow, foundation, mascara and other cosmetics including those used to remove the makeup contain harsh chemicals, which damage the skin.

Nowadays you have advanced skin care machines such as the dermabrasion machines found at, which take care of blemishes and gives smooth and glowing skin reducing the need for applying loads of cosmetics to get a gorgeous looking skin.

Models and actors have more issues as they need to change the makeup between scenes or photos. Similarly, those not in the show business too need to replace their makeup to a lighter one when they return home from work and prepare for an evening out. So, they need to continuously apply makeup, remove it and re-apply it in succession.

Sometimes actors have to wear very heavy makeup all day for certain scenes. Thus, this constant assault on the skin by chemicals, make it susceptible to skin lesions, sun damage, moles, warts and skin damage. Therefore, models, actors, and other persons who love applying makeup need to know how to remove the makeup properly and safeguard their skin.

Tips for skin care

Applying a base of copper peptide serum before makeup application helps to protect the skin from environmental damage.

Hydroxy acids should be used to remove dead skin cell layer and other damaged proteins in the skin removing flaws and giving an appealing complexion. Using REJUVADERM-MD dermabrasion device also helps to remove flaws and give your skin a wonderful glow.

To remove makeup, you need to use biological healing oils, which do not cause any damage to skin as the chemical makeup removers do. You need to apply the healing oil and rub gently to get rid of the makeup. After the makeup is removed, rinse with sufficiently warm water. The oil that remains after helps to replenish the natural skin oils.

While removing makeup, using soaps can make the skin, look dry. Instead, mild cleansers should be used gently. To repair the protective barrier of the skin and its antioxidant protection mechanism, application of serum of copper peptide is necessary. This repairs the skin within 48 hours’ time.

Good actors and actresses who deserve an Oscar

Good actors and actresses who deserve an Oscar

Some actors deliver performances that are acknowledged by the viewers and critics alike and are showered with accolades and awards, while others have to just satisfy themselves with the unconditional love of their fans. But who is to judge the credentials or set a benchmark for these actors or actresses based on which their performances are to be evaluated?

Oscars have been the answer to that for some decades now. But even it could not surpass the controversies and criticism of the audience, on the name of the awardees, as there is always someone the audience feels left out of the list, who is as deserving, or sometimes even more, than the actual recipient of the award.

So here we bring to you a list of the actors and actresses who truly deserve an Oscar:

  1. Johnny Depp

Who can forget the immortal Jack Sparrows? One can wonder what would have happened if there was no Depp in Sleepy Hollows, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland or Sweeney Todd. Nominated three times, he was never considered. But it could not affect the popularity for him which is ever increasing. Savvy!!

  1. Anna Kendrick

The Pitch Perfect girl started her career on the right note with the Broadway musical High Society for which she was nominated for the Tony Awards back in 1998. A natural actress with talents not only limited to acting, but also her sense of good music have earned her a huge fan following. Film, television, theatre, music videos – she has a lot of arrows in her quiver and she uses them well when required. She was nominated for her performance in Up in the Air, with the wind blowing not on her side.

  1. Leonard DiCaprio

Charm and a brilliant screen presence that is just impossible to neglect! That’s what the package DiCaprio brings with him. He is one of the most well known stars in Hollywood for his fitness, even at this age. Recently, while on his shoot for The Revenant (2015) he was found to take a hand on some martial art moves and to get going at this age, with such fitness one should check this out. His roles in movies ranging from Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, till The Wolf of Wall Street is a testimony of sheer brilliance. He was nominated five times, but had to return every time without the lady.

  1. Ralph Fiennes

One could hardly guess out Ralph from Lord Voldemort unless the end credits rolled. The perfect antagonist with a heart from Schindler’s List to the gentleman in the The English Patient, he was a delight. Even the small yet powerful appearance in Skyfall has hooked us to eagerly wait for the new M in the next Bond installment. He was nominated two times without any luck.

Stars are remembered through their films, but true actors and actresses are remembered through their performances, which defines the movie, irrespective of the medals pinned on their uniforms.

Best Roles Of Anna Kendrick

A seasoned artist never fails to deliver. Anna Kendrick is one such artist who has vowed audiences with her killer performances. Her recent Pitch Perfect 2 is proof enough. Her role, Beca in the film has retained her place as one of the most captivating of Hollywood’s leading divas.  As one of the college leaders of The Bellas, a Capella team, she has come up with a good one. Here are some of her other roles, which had brought her into limelight in Hollywood.


This film had Anna Kendrick performing as Fritzi Wagner, a calculating but meek actor. Despite her role being a minor one and a debut for her, she managed to pull it off splendidly. Her dazzling act with flawless timing in comedy and the right nuances was noticed and applauded. The film is about a teenagers’ group in Camp, a musical theater. With such a backdrop, the film has several classic Broadway performance shows to enjoy.  Kendrick plays an introvert who shifts into a ruthless opportunist who doesn’t fear even killing to get the coveted role in the show.  Kendrick received a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for her performance as Fritzi.

The Twilight Saga

This is a highly successful series with millions of fans all over the world. Anna Kendric plays the role of Jessica Stanley. Of the five films in the series, Kendrick appears in four albeit occasionally. As a friend of Bella (Kirsten Stewart), Jessica puts up a good show as the kindhearted sympathizer of Bella, all the while burning with envy at Bella’s love life. Even a non-fan would find Anna Kendrick’s act, which blends manic energy and layered comedy, quite wonderful. She has excellent comedy timing coupled with good dress sense. From her make up to her prim and proper shoes, she chooses well.

Up in the Air

In this flick with George Clooney, Anna Kendrick plays the role of Natalie Keener. The trio Clooney, Kendrick and Jason Bateman rocked in the film. Her role in the film, where she has the job of a corporate consultant who deals with companies all over the country and does the dirty work of firing their employees was praised by Manohla Dargis of New York Times as an attention grabbing one, which is in itself a big feat.  Kendrick received an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in this film.

The Last Five Years

Kendrick plays the role of Cathy Hiatt in this off-Broadway musical performance.  Her role as an actress who marries an upcoming writer is charismatic and brave, so much so that even if the film falters down the line, she keeps up the tempo with her stellar performance. Her fashionable dresses grab attention and so are her shoes. In fact, she’d manage to look dazzling even in comfortable shoes such as those available at this website.

End of Watch

In this super realistic crime story, Anna Kendrick plays the role of Janet, the wife of a gritty LAPD officer, Brian (Jake Gyllenhaal).She provides the perfect foil of light hearted optimism to the violence the story portrays. She motivates her husband and his partner to fight for survival.

5 Actors Who Made it Big in Both Film and Theater

Having reaped success in both musical theater and cinema, Anna Kendrick is unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses. She made it seem easy to cross over these two totally different genres, but the truth is that it’s no easy feat.

Although theater and cinema are both in the performance arts field, they require unique talents from actors. Much like bananas and apples, musical plays and musical-themed movies are totally different creatures. You can’t easily pluck out a movie actor to play a role in a musical, as much as, you can’t have a stage actor perform a movie role. Things that run on live performance shows are unique in every way, as well as acting in front of cameras.

Stage actors undergo extensive training before they are considered for a role. It’s a profession that requires triple talent: dancing, singing, and acting. Many Broadway and West End artists enrolled in a formal music school before they were considered for a role. They are professionals who have completed formal training. Much like what you would do if you want to be a professional nail technician, where you would apply and enroll in a training school, such as those found in this website.

While many of today’s celebrities rose to fame without real reason, it’s refreshing to know some stars who banked on real talent and had their big breaks on the stage. Here are a few A-list actors who have made a big leap from theater stage to movie screens:

  1. Meryl Streep

Before portraying various movie roles, Streep played the role of Miss Imogen in the 1975 Broadway revival of Trelawny of the Wells. She then landed a breakout film role in Manhattan and The Deer Hunter. Streep currently holds the record of most Oscar nominations.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker may well be considered the quintessential American woman for playing the role of Manolo Blahnik in the television show Sex and the City. Her stylist and nail technicians, who seemed to have graduated from a nail technician school like this, dressed her up so elegantly. But before popularizing this iconic role, she had played a number of roles in several Broadway productions including Annie.

  1. Hugh Jackman

Who would have thought, Wolverine can dance and sing? Prior to assuming the ferocious, immortal clawed-superhero, Jackman was well-known for playing the lead character in the 1998 West End production Oklahoma! In 2012, the Australian actor wowed movie-goers with his impressive portrayal of Jean Valjean in the movie version of Les Miserables.

  1. John Travolta

We were endeared to Travolta’s Danny Zuko in the movie “Grease” but prior to that, he landed a role in the touring production of the musical “Grease” as well as a Broadway production of “Over Here!”

  1. Kristin Chenoweth

In 1997, Chenoweth debuted in the Broadway musical “Steel Pier” which earned her a Theatre World Award. She landed a number of roles in different musical productions prior to crossing over to Hollywood. In 2003, she returned to Broadway to join with Idina Menzel for the musical “Wicked.” The two got nominations for their roles.

Lea Michele, Taye Diggs, Jerry Orbach, Josh Gad, and Jeffrey Wright are other products of Broadway who are also carving a name in Hollywood. Know any artist who also started on stage?




Cinematic Brilliance Of Two Talented Individuals: Audrey Hepburn & Audrey Tatou

Cinematic Brilliance Of Two Talented Individuals

The name Audrey indeed is a lucky one in the movie industry. Audrey Tatou and Audrey Hepburn are two extremely talented and beautiful women who graced the golden screen with their presence. Surely the two women are from different generations and different eras. But each one has some extensively beautiful movies and performances in their kitty.

While Audrey Hepburn has given us some evergreen movies to cherish on for years to come now, Audrey Tatou is seamlessly continuing with her efficient and beautiful work. Let us look into some of the contributions these two individuals have made on the global movie industry.

Audrey Hepburn

Considered to be one of the most beautiful faces on screen, she enchanted her audiences with some beautiful movies. The British girl was part of the Hollywood’s Golden Age. From 1942 to 1992, she kept giving beautiful performances that earned her fans and followers in different parts of the world. Who can ever forget the mind blowing work in Roman holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the likes? Wait Until Dark is yet another well made movie that made the audience fall in love with the beautiful Belgium born lady. This movie includes the perfect idea of suspense and thrill while depicting the story of a blind girl in a house, alone amidst and unaware of the presence of enemies.

With Audrey’s work in War and Peace, the audience further realized the talent that this lady carried. These are accompanied by a series of successful movies in the movie industry. Her impeccable style and chic attitude are something that cannot be emulated by the others.

Hepburn turned into a humanitarian during the last stage of her life. She was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. She worked towards helping the impoverish children while travelling to different countries. She leaves behind a huge legacy with a series of Academy, Emmy, Bafta, Grammy and Tony Awards.

Audrey Tatou

The other Audrey is also a classic mix of beauty and talent. This 39 year old French actress continues to impress her viewers with some wonderful performances. Her most famous work is that of Amelie which really reached out to people all across the world. Coco Avant Chanel is yet another French movie where her performance has been greatly appreciated. This depicts the story of a small town girl from doing petty jobs like singing at restaurants and doing some sewing assignments, to becoming the all famous brand of Coco Chanel. If you are also interested in sewing, SergerPro might help you nurture your skills.

Her performance in Hollywood was best recognized in the movie of The Da Vinci Code where she shared screen space with the great Tom Hanks! Tatou’s work has been spread out over television projects and some big name movies! She considers herself to be a French girl. As reported by her, ‘I am, at the end of the day, a French actress.’  With her beautiful work, she is indeed the apple of many eyes.