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Two awesome but well shot motorbike scenes

Two awesome but well shot motorbike scenesThinking back to what has been emphatically confirmed as the last ever The Fast and the Furious movie to be made, particularly since Paul Walker’s tragic death in his beloved but dangerously set up Porsche, one also thinks about how many hundreds of action movies have been made over the years where motor cars of all shapes and sizes continue to be the wheels of choice when it comes to hit and run and cut to the chase scenes.

Motorbikes rarely get a look in but when they do, some of those scenes really do make a splash.

You know that feeling when a song is stuck in your head

For one thing, filming authentic wheelie scenes where motor cycles are going at full throttle are not easy to do. Filming the actors in their mobile carriages is hard enough. Getting some of the ladies to sit still and put on their stylish ladies’ bike helmets is quite another thing. Some of the actresses out there are quite the pretentious divas. One can’t help thinking of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character in America’s Sweetheart (along with Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal and John Cusack).

One also wonders whether the younger Anna Kendrick and some her peers would have been a better fit for playing spoiled divas with nothing to show for their success other than their doting and helpful sisters and their ongoing superficial popularity.

But we were talking about classic motorbike scenes, weren’t we. There are two scenes stuck in this writer’s mind right about now. You know that feeling where you have a song with striking lyrics stuck in your head and you just can’t seem to remove it in spite of humming the words over and over again? Like that, same thing, only different pictures.

The memorable bike scenes

And most certainly different sounds. Like the revving of Will Smith’s ancient but well looked after bike which he is able to rev off on at top speed, dodging dozens of short-wired androids until the inevitable tailspin which sees to it that the legendary bike is sacrificed out of this thrilling scene sequence. Whether Smith the actor or Mr. Smith the actor’s stunt driver was seen, both were safe, wearing full-faced helmets with smart visors which only bike fans would truly appreciate. talk in-depth about the safety features inherited from choosing the right helmet.

The great T E Lawrence wore one of those old leather strap-on caps when he quietly went flying over the ditch after carousing at break-neck speed in spite of the warning signs ahead. Perhaps he didn’t see them this time around? But this eccentric man had quite a life as David Lean’s extremely long Lawrence of Arabia shows. Then there were not many bikes or cars but plenty of Arabian thoroughbreds and the usual herds of moping camels.

We would have liked to name and note a few more scenes but our time is up for now. Now that I think about it, Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider is beginning to trouble me too.

The importance of lighting for dramatic and performance effects

The actor and songstress already has her work cut out to produce the most dramatic and endearing performance that she is capable of and which will impress her audience so much so that they will leave the auditorium with memories of her glittering performance. Her performance being a memorable one, leaves her audience with new talking points, something to think about, when they stop over for a late night cappuccino. She is usually successful in her delivery because she has spent many hours and weeks rehearsing.

Finding the best lighting technicians that money can buy

But on those extremely rare occasions when her performance flops, it is not entirely her fault, if at all. It has a lot more to do with the production’s director who as commander in chief must take ultimate responsibility for any failures. Even small-town productions, often put together voluntarily, have its share of euphoria and failure. Now, these small get-togethers often have to improvise with limited resources. Here, it is no stretch of the imagination to suggest that these small crews may go to this website when they install their small LED lighting pods to create visibility for the audience and add extra effects for the purposes of drama and focalizing.

That brings us to the all-important aspect of proper stage lighting. This is not the domain of the actress or singer. The director is partially responsible, and it is left to him to work closely and persuasively with his executive producers (who control all aspects related to financing the show) to source the best darn lighting technicians that money can buy.

Unrecognizably different in real life

These lighting technicians are invariably talented and have had years of experience in show business. Some of them even come from backgrounds as diverse as those you may find at places such as Light Bar Land. Directors and actors count on them for their ability to improvise with the tools and lights they have at their disposal. When budgets are tight and producers are pinching pennies, you can only imagine the challenges faced by these erudite technicians. But as Anna may quickly be able to tell you, they get it right most times.

There’s also another collaboration which audiences often take for granted or are not entirely aware of. Take this scenario, for instance. Imagine you are walking down Hollywood Boulevard one afternoon. In the process, you would not have noticed whether Anna Kendrick or Julia Roberts, or anyone else famous had walked past. Ms. Roberts would probably have covered her face with sunshades and her flaming locks with a cap so as not to be noticed. But that’s beside the point. Actors and actresses look unrecognizably different in real life without their stage make-up on.

Now, the make-up artist has to take the lighting technician’s mastery into account in order to paint a glowing picture for the audience of the stage character. And the best actors in the business always co-operate and work well with their technicians to ensure that the finished article, themselves mostly, is a work of art.