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How To Write A Musical?

How To Write A Musical

Hollywood has had so many different encounters with the concept of musicals. This is indeed a great platform to depict a drama, covering all aspects of theatre. Be it romance, comedy, suspense and drama, a musical has it all. And trust us when we say this, making a musical is not just any random job. It takes courage and dedication to base an entire drama on music.

The Sound Of Music is one of the most well made Hollywood musicals ever. We still revel in the beautifully made film with all the unique characters. To add to the list, we can talk about High School Musical, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge and the likes. Singin’ In the Rain is yet another well loved movie from 1952. All these movies show how important music is in the world of cinema.

But how do you write a musical? It needs an organized and clear thought process. Let us look at it step by step.

  • Finding the right storyline:

This is the most important aspect about a musical. You must be careful while you choose the story. If you are taking it from a book or play, make sure that this is a new one and no one has worked on it previously. Once you have chosen the story, you can start your project of making a musical.

  • Premature publishing:

In order to let the people know about the musical you are working on, you should create a public domain. Give updates here and keep the readers updated. This will act as a promotion for your musical. But remember never to give away the script here.

  • Music:

This is again a very important task to do. Since it is a musical and a majority of the movie will consist of songs, you have to choose the best songs. The people should be attracted to the movie by the songs you project in here. So make a list. Do not just involve your favorite songs but ensure that the music tallies well with the script. Also, keep in mind, you will need background music along with the songs. You can use different instruments and if you are going for digital pianos, we recommend checking out this example.

  • Framework:

Once you are ready with the script, you need to have a small idea of acting movements, props and certain choreography steps. Start having an idea of what to place where and which actor does what. You can gradually improve on this as the project progresses.

  • Get the actors:

The final step in this process will be gathering your actors. Whether you are working with old friends or professionals, all of you must get together to start work on the musical. So get your actors together, explain the script and directions to them and then you are all set to start filming it!

A musical is nothing really very difficult. You need to be organized while working on such a project. Follow each of the steps, one and one, and trust me, you are ready with your musical!

Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

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