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Musical Introspections and Inspiration

It is that time of the year when most folks will be taking a break after a long year of hard work. Although it has often been said; how did the year go by so quickly and why weren’t we able to reach that particular milestone in life? Anna Kendrick and her fellow actors and singers will not, however, be taking a break. Such is the nature of their line of work. During any normal week, she and her musical colleagues will be performing on some nights and weekends. After all, this is the only time that working men and women can come to see or hear them.

An opportunity to shine

This is particularly true of this time of the year, and probably the busiest time for actors, film, stage and otherwise, and musicians. Their shows are fully-booked. This is also a peak time for Hollywood producers and their actors to be doing the promotional rounds, barely two months away from Oscar season. Now, Anna will appreciate this, struggling musicians are also in on the act if you will. This time of the year gives them an opportunity to shine and be noticed.

Having to work while others are having a good time could be considered an occupational hazard for actors and musicians but it’s not. For them, this is their calling. Ms. Kendrick has probably seen Burlesque and Black Swan several times over. In both these films, the young performer’s struggle to get to the top of the heap, as the famous song goes, is fore-grounded. Spike Lee must have had a rollicking time during his filming of Mo Better Blues. He captured the right notes, never needing a beginner’s trumpet to learn, and showcased the struggles of the typical (but famous) jazz trumpeter.

What to watch while it snows

Clint Eastwood’s biopic of the life and times of Charlie Parker was probably more introspective and serene. But at this time of the year, while there is a need to pause for thought, thinking what could have been done differently and better during the year, most people just want to relax and enjoy themselves, so, naturally, the performers must dutifully play their part.

In some parts of North America, it’s just too cold and the snow is pelting down a tad too hard to go outdoors. So, some folks will watch re-runs of their favorite shows. A recommended epic for children is the timeless adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Those who have seen the show may have hilarious recollections of King Louis and his band of reckless monkeys. To this day, no-one really knows how these lads managed to replicate the notes produced by the fine Bach Stradivarius horn. Those who are romantic at heart, on the other hand, might be re-watching Grease and Dirty Dancing.

All things being equal let no musician or actor tell you that they aren’t happy to see you. Your presence rewards them in more ways than one. You gave them their bread and butter but, more importantly, you allowed them to follow through on their calling.