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Movies With the Best Explosion Scenes

Explosion scenes in movies are so exciting and stunning that viewers are left spell bound at the extent of destruction portrayed. High budget films usually have exploding scenes in them. The massive fireball explosion is set at the end or beginning to draw viewers’ attention.

While the quieter films do have their share of rapt audience, it is the explosive scenes, which kindle the young action loving kid in us. The mind numbing explosions rank high in the list of visually appealing scenes in movies.

With special effects evolving into a hi-tech phenomenon now, the explosion scenes are even more massive and heart stopping. Explosions are an inevitable addition to action thrillers and spy movies with the same goal of destruction. .

Here is a list of some of the biggest explosions filmed ever. The explosions are not only visually pleasing in these movies but serve as a turning point or climax of the movie.

Fight Club

giphyTyler Durden’s long and interesting self-discovery journey explodes into an awesome destructive ballet as Mission Mayhem concludes. The explosive skyline is just a remarkable sight!

V for Vendetta

2847-v-vendetta-and-vfx_0The two-minute explosion in this film towards the end when V, the phantom freedom fighter, blows up the parliament building in London is a real coup here. The explosion gives an impressive display that is a blend of carnage and celebration that symbolizes the character of V who has to destroy in order to liberate.


The explosion in this movie is used to kill the threatening mammoth white shark. Brody shoots quite a dynamic bomb right into the shark’s mouth in what is considered as one of the best explosions scenes ever in movie history. While this is about a bomb-induced explosion in a fish, there are scenes that feature explosion inside an aquarium. Jackie Chan movie First Strike has one big aquarium explosion scene, which lets the shark held inside free. Big aquariums such as one in this movie need good filters such as those at


Needless to mention, but this entire movie is about blowing something or someone, which Sylvester Stallone does with relish. And viewers have lapped it all up, in spite of the sequels featuring similar fare.

Independence Day

This is another movie, which survives on explosions. If you look at it closely, you will find that it is an excellent compilation of explosions. From government building and revered monuments to skyscrapers, everything is reduced to dust in this movie.  While explosion are mostly part of high budget films you can find exploding scenes in comedies too. The film Duece Bigalow Male Gigalow is a comedy, which has huge aquarium tanks exploding in the movie. Sometimes-poor quality glass in the tank can also cause an explosion, but not of the calibre seen in this movie. With good quality tank and proper maintenance, using efficient Fish Tank Filters it is possible to prevent harm to the fish, tank and the surrounding.

Inglourious Basterds

This 2009 Quentin Tarantino movie is notorious for its extreme violence, which served as its downfall eventually. While the movie ending has come under controversy for its inaccurate portrayal of history, the end of the dictator in this movie is a deserved one. The mindless explosions are sure to put a blot on your day.