Movies That Tickle Your Taste Buds

Food enthusiasts need not eat delicious food to fulfil their food fantasies, just having their eyes’ fill of the delectable and delicious fare can set them off on their food fantasy. True food lovers use all their senses to enjoy food. Movies serve as a visually stimulating medium for all, especially food enthusiasts. Here are movies that food enthusiasts love to watch.


This 2014 movie has Jon Favreau playing the role of Carl a chef in a ritzy restaurant. He is frustrated by the dull and monotonous menu his boss had created. One fine day he speaks out his mind and loses his job as a result. But everything ends well, as he goes back to his roots making a living out of selling Cuban sandwiches in his food truck along with his son.


This popular film is set in an upscale French restaurant.  A rat with a connoisseur’s taste helps a garbage boy Alfredo Linguini played by Lou Romano to realize their dream of becoming famous chefs.  Food preparation is always considered an arduous task. But with appliances such as the meat grinder available at difficult tasks are easily accomplished and you get a tasty and delicious meal to savour in a short time.

The Lunchbox

This movie released in 2013 is about Ila, a neglected young wife played by Nimrat Kaur. Ila in an all-out effort to rekindle her husband’s love sends a very special lunch through a big courier service in the city. The package is mistakenly sent to Irfan Khan, a widower and this starts a deluded but nevertheless a sweet relationship.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

This 2009 film by Amblin Entertainment has Bill Hader playing the role of a misfit scientist- Flint Lockwood. He invents a machine that can change water to food, but this goes awry when all the water in the atmosphere is converted to food. For meatball lovers, this film is a sure entertainer. Meatballs taste better when they are made from scratch and using a top quality meat grinder such as SUNMILE SM G31 helps a lot.


This film by Miramax entertainment released in 2000 focuses on the universal love of chocolate. Vianne played by Juliette Binoche is a single mother who moves to a rural region in France planning to open a chocolaterie near the local church.  The sweet indulgences and hours they keep create a big uproar in the rural town, which further worsens by the entry of Roux played by Johnny Depp, a gypsy. But in the end it is the almighty chocolate that wins hands down.

Big Night

This film has two Italian brothers Primo played by Tony Shalhoub and Secondo played by Stanley Tucci. The emigrant family had opened up an Italian eatery in New York. Primo exhibits true Latin fervour when he refuses to acquiesce the wishes of the patrons idea of Italian fare. His brother Secondo is a perfect foil smooth talking his way into making the restaurant a successful one. But all ideals are set aside, when they are required to cook for a gala concert, which they think is the big night that will change their fortune.

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