Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

When it comes to musicals, everyone seems to have an opinion. There are some people who over-praise certain musicals, while there are few people who seem to blindly hate whatever that comes out. So what makes a musical really great? […]

Tips To Write A Movie Review

Tips To Write A Movie Review

So you happen to watch a lot of movies every now and then. And most of the time, you seem to have an opinion that you want to share. Maybe, you liked it, maybe you didn’t like certain parts. The […]

Anna Kendricks Way of Truest Life

Anna Kendrick’s Way of Life

Anna Kendrick is one of America’s sweethearts. With her ever growing fan base, she is considered as one of America’s talented actress. Not only that, she happens to be a musician as well. Anna Kendrick was born on the 9th […]


10 Cool Movie Archers Who Make Bows Rock

10 Cool Movie Archers Who Make Bows Rock

There is no arguing the fact that guns and swords are the most common movie weapons, but bows have been steadily gathering popularity over the years. There has always been a place for archery on the screen, especially in fantasy and historical films. However, movie releases over the last two decades took its popularity to a new level as almost every good picture film features a cool archer. We’ve compiled a top 10 of our favorite “bow wielders” from the screen.

  1. Legolas from Lord of the Rings.
    Elves were known as the best archers, which we can definitely see in the Lord of the Rings. However, no one is as good as Legolas when it comes to shooting a target in the eye from a distance of two football fields. This elf definitely makes the rest of his kind proud by being one of the coolest archers to ever feature on the big screen. Legolas’s archery makes the movies’ fights scenes much more captivating.
  2. Neytiri from Avatar.
    Avatar became a cult movie the moment it was released on the screen in 2009. Its success is staggering, and it definitely helped promote archery as a sport. Neytiri, the movie’s heroine, looks incredibly cool when taking down the biggest movie villain with an accurate shot.
  3. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.
    Katniss is the reason for many a girl saying “I want that cool bow” and taking up archery after watching the movie. The girl is more than good with a bow, she’s simply brilliant. However, the most relevant thing about this particular archer-heroine is the fact that she shows how a bow can beat other weapons and help one survive in extreme situations.
  4. John Rambo from Rambo.
    The things John Rambo can do with a bow defy reason at times, but there is no arguing the fact that he looks cool while doing them. Rambo proves that archery is a great way to both, hunt and slay villains.
  5. Hawkeye from The Avengers.
    Hawkeye is another movie hero who promotes archery among the youth of today. His stunts are amazing and he shows how really helpful a bow can be in almost any situation.
  6. Abigail Whistler from Blade: Trinity.
    No vampire movie goes without at least one archer. Abigail Whistler shows us how bowhunters stalk and slay their unsuspecting prey from a safe distance and dispatch supernatural enemies before they get a chance to retaliate.
  7. Robin Hood.
    There are so many screen adaptations of the tale of Robin Hood that listing them all makes no sense. What matters for us is that every single one of them features Robin with his favorite weapon, a bow that he uses to become the legendary protector of the poor.
  8. Lewis from Deliverance.
    Lewis is a character who shows us how badass one can look wielding a bow. In his hands, this weapon is truly lethal and frightening.
  9. Andromeda from Wrath of the Titans.
    Andromeda is a hunting goddess from the Ancient Greece, so it’s a given that she is a true master of a bow, her weapon of choice. She wields it in battle as well as on her sacred hunting grounds.
  10. Princess Merida from Brave.
    We can see archery promoted not only in movies for adults. Princess Merida, a role model for many young girls is an excellent archer who inspired many children.

Good actors and actresses who deserve an Oscar

Good actors and actresses who deserve an Oscar

Some actors deliver performances that are acknowledged by the viewers and critics alike and are showered with accolades and awards, while others have to just satisfy themselves with the unconditional love of their fans. But who is to judge the credentials or set a benchmark for these actors or actresses based on which their performances are to be evaluated?

Oscars have been the answer to that for some decades now. But even it could not surpass the controversies and criticism of the audience, on the name of the awardees, as there is always someone the audience feels left out of the list, who is as deserving, or sometimes even more, than the actual recipient of the award.

So here we bring to you a list of the actors and actresses who truly deserve an Oscar:

  1. Johnny Depp

Who can forget the immortal Jack Sparrows? One can wonder what would have happened if there was no Depp in Sleepy Hollows, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland or Sweeney Todd. Nominated three times, he was never considered. But it could not affect the popularity for him which is ever increasing. Savvy!!

  1. Anna Kendrick

The Pitch Perfect girl started her career on the right note with the Broadway musical High Society for which she was nominated for the Tony Awards back in 1998. A natural actress with talents not only limited to acting, but also her sense of good music have earned her a huge fan following. Film, television, theatre, music videos – she has a lot of arrows in her quiver and she uses them well when required. She was nominated for her performance in Up in the Air, with the wind blowing not on her side.

  1. Leonard DiCaprio

Charm and a brilliant screen presence that is just impossible to neglect! That’s what the package DiCaprio brings with him. He is one of the most well known stars in Hollywood for his fitness, even at this age. Recently, while on his shoot for The Revenant (2015) he was found to take a hand on some martial art moves and to get going at this age, with such fitness one should check this out. His roles in movies ranging from Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, till The Wolf of Wall Street is a testimony of sheer brilliance. He was nominated five times, but had to return every time without the lady.

  1. Ralph Fiennes

One could hardly guess out Ralph from Lord Voldemort unless the end credits rolled. The perfect antagonist with a heart from Schindler’s List to the gentleman in the The English Patient, he was a delight. Even the small yet powerful appearance in Skyfall has hooked us to eagerly wait for the new M in the next Bond installment. He was nominated two times without any luck.

Stars are remembered through their films, but true actors and actresses are remembered through their performances, which defines the movie, irrespective of the medals pinned on their uniforms.

Karaoke and The Stars

Everyone loves karaoke. While the polished classical performances are certainly awe-inspiring, karaoke has its own share of fans. Movies that feature stars trying their hand at karaoke are very entertaining to watch. From funny and perfect to highly embarrassing karaoke attempts watching the stars sing on screen is a real treat indeed. Whenever you hear Cups Song, Anna Kendrick instantly comes to your mind and Pocketful of Sunshine has become synonymous with Emma Stone.

And while Pitch Perfect has lots of singing, it is Kendrick’s rendition of Cups song that lingers in memory long after. As for hilarity, Charlie Day’s singing of ‘That’s Not My Name’ is a good contender. Karaoke singing need not necessarily be embarrassing or ridiculous. It is possible to sing a passably good karaoke song. Here are some tips.

Emotional connection

Karaoke is all about the choice of song. When you pick a song that you are connected to emotionally, it would come out better and you can strike a good rapport with the audience. A nice karaoke machine also helps to make the song come out better.

Practice makes perfect

If it is possible, you can practice the song beforehand, so you know which pitch would work for you. Karaoke machines available today have features that increase or decrease the key of the song to suit your singing.

Reach out

The primary focus of your singing should be conveying a story. You can spend time on understanding the lyrics, so you could do justice to the song. You will also reach out better to your audience, when you emote well.

Sing together

If you are anxious about singing alone, try singing with a friend. This will make your feel safer in numbers and make you confident enough to go it alone. Having a proper karaoke machine such as SINGING MACHINE ISM1028XA also helps to perform better.

No to alcohol

You may be tempted to have a drink to boost your confidence, but alcohol dries up the vocal system and prevents you from singing well.

Story telling it is

Audience would like it very much, if you perform well as a nice storyteller, even if you don’t rank high in delivery or have a bad voice. The connection you build with the audience and your song matters most.

Body Language

Your body should reflect the song you sing. When you move with the beat, it frees your voice and the connection is even better.

Eye contact

If you feel uncomfortable making eye contact with your audience for long time, just scan them. You can try focusing on different audience sections for a few seconds. This also serves to make everyone feel you are including him or her in the performance.

But while you are pulling hairs out trying to find the right way to sing better at the karaoke, you need to remember that it is a fun activity and retaining the fun element is the most significant part of the whole exercise.  So be at ease and the more comfortable you are, the better will be the response from your audience and they will be least likely to notice your imperfections.

Memorable Swimming Pool Movie Scenes

Swimming pool scenes are by and large part of many movies. Movie stars love swimming pool scenes, as it is the perfect opportunity to show off their toned and superb form, whether it is a male or female actor. In fact, movie stars and swimming pools are inseparable both on screen and off it. Most of the celebrity residences flaunt amazingly big and unique swimming pools, which were once considered as a luxury.  In movies, swimming pools offer the perfect backdrop for provocative or glamourous scenes. Here are a few memorable scenes set in a swimming pool.

Harold and Maude

This 1971 movie starring Bud Cort as Harold, and Ruth Gordon as Maude has this swimming pool scene where Harold tries to get his mother’s attention by yet another fake suicide attempt. His mother stays impervious to his desperate attempts and this scene is a memorable one of the various measures Harold tries. Incidentally, this movie features in the top 100 funniest movies of all time by the American Film Institute. The movie had also a Broadway stage version. Swimming pool scenes while looking great on screen can be a big vexation, especially when there are several retakes and the pool water is too cold. A properly heated pool can make a big difference to the time you spend in the pool.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This 1982 film featuring Judge Reinhold and Phoebe Cates has Reinhold, who plays Brad, arrive home and hitting the bathroom right away, when Phoebe catches his attention via the window in the bathroom. Movie trivia reveals that Cates was very reluctant to play the topless scene, as she was certain neighbours could see her from their rooftops easily.

Meet the parents

This 2000 film has a hilarious pool scene where Ben Stiller is featured playing pool volleyball. In his hasty attempt to please, his girlfriend’s parents, Ben strikes the ball directly into the face of his girlfriend. Pool volleyball is a fun way to pass the time in the pool. With good heating systems such as the PENTAIR POOL HEATER, you will be able to enjoy your pool throughout the year.

Back to School

This 1986 film has Rodney Dangerfield playing Thornton Melon. The film is noted for Rodneys’ riveting one-liners. In the pool scene featured in the film, Thornton Melon performs his evergreen Triple Lindy.  The swimming scenes for this film were filmed at the Country Club situated in City of Industry, which is about 25 miles from Hollywood.

The Graduate

This 1967 movie starring Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman has a wonderful swimming pool scene. The scene begins with, ‘Sound of Silence’ song and ends with April Come She Will another Simon & Garfunkel number, when Hoffman who plays Benjamin in the film enters the pool again and looks up at the Robinsons. The Taft Hotel shots in the movie were taken at the famous Ambassador Hotel, which incidentally was the place where Robert Kennedy, the US Senator and candidate for Presidency at that time was killed about six months after the movie was released.

Tips for Wildlife Film Making

Wildlife filmmaking can be quite overwhelming for a beginner. Watching the National Geographic channel is inspiration enough, but to become skilled at showing such iconic vistas, nature in its pristine form and capturing rare wild life behavior is something else.

While you think that you need a highly sophisticated and expensive camera to accomplish all these and not to mention support of a big channel like National Geographic channel, it is not always so. You can give an equally good footage with your existing equipment. Here are some tips to help you.

Basic steps

While you capture amazing animal behavior, it is easy to be engrossed in the action before you, and slip out on the camera fundamentals. For a clear, sharp, and excellent image, you should begin with crash zoom for focusing. Using the rule of thirds is a great way to compose the picture and ensure you expose precisely on the subject. When you have done the above things, you can be assured of the exact reflection of the image, as you see it on a television screen later.

While you are out trudging in the wild, having the right gear on would keep you comfortable. Filming wildlife is similar to hunting in many ways. The only difference here is you don’t snag the prey. Otherwise, the stalking and waiting are all the same. And to ensure you are safe in the wild having gear like the efficient tactical knife helps a lot.

Tripod use

Wild animals are different from domestic animals and very cautious about human interruption. So you need to use the zoom for close up or mid shots. A tripod is therefore essential. Make sure the tripod head is flexible. This way you can get stable shots and follow the wildlife action.

Focus down

Other than animals like the giraffe and elephant, most wild animals are shorter than humans are. You need to get down, so you are at their eye level so they will look larger than life. This creates a more intense appeal for the audience, and gives the footage spectacular backdrops. While filming make sure you take the necessary precautions. Don’t venture too near the animals and always have safety equipment and gear such as the Zero Tolerance Folding knife, click here.

Audio is vital

Audio gives life to the images you capture and its importance cannot be stressed enough.  Most of the needed audio comes from the ambient sounds present in nature. So try to record the natural sounds as much as possible without any other sounds marring the effect. You should keep quiet when recording and most importantly plug in your audio and ensure it is in recording mode always.


Capturing the subject with the sun in the backdrop is a difficult maneuver, as you cannot balance the exposure between the background and your subject easily. Unless you specifically want a silhouette effect, using the sun as background should not be attempted.  Instead, ensure the subject is in front of the sun, so it gets maximum lighting and your images turn out looking awesome.

Best Roles Of Anna Kendrick

A seasoned artist never fails to deliver. Anna Kendrick is one such artist who has vowed audiences with her killer performances. Her recent Pitch Perfect 2 is proof enough. Her role, Beca in the film has retained her place as one of the most captivating of Hollywood’s leading divas.  As one of the college leaders of The Bellas, a Capella team, she has come up with a good one. Here are some of her other roles, which had brought her into limelight in Hollywood.


This film had Anna Kendrick performing as Fritzi Wagner, a calculating but meek actor. Despite her role being a minor one and a debut for her, she managed to pull it off splendidly. Her dazzling act with flawless timing in comedy and the right nuances was noticed and applauded. The film is about a teenagers’ group in Camp, a musical theater. With such a backdrop, the film has several classic Broadway performance shows to enjoy.  Kendrick plays an introvert who shifts into a ruthless opportunist who doesn’t fear even killing to get the coveted role in the show.  Kendrick received a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for her performance as Fritzi.

The Twilight Saga

This is a highly successful series with millions of fans all over the world. Anna Kendric plays the role of Jessica Stanley. Of the five films in the series, Kendrick appears in four albeit occasionally. As a friend of Bella (Kirsten Stewart), Jessica puts up a good show as the kindhearted sympathizer of Bella, all the while burning with envy at Bella’s love life. Even a non-fan would find Anna Kendrick’s act, which blends manic energy and layered comedy, quite wonderful. She has excellent comedy timing coupled with good dress sense. From her make up to her prim and proper shoes, she chooses well.

Up in the Air

In this flick with George Clooney, Anna Kendrick plays the role of Natalie Keener. The trio Clooney, Kendrick and Jason Bateman rocked in the film. Her role in the film, where she has the job of a corporate consultant who deals with companies all over the country and does the dirty work of firing their employees was praised by Manohla Dargis of New York Times as an attention grabbing one, which is in itself a big feat.  Kendrick received an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in this film.

The Last Five Years

Kendrick plays the role of Cathy Hiatt in this off-Broadway musical performance.  Her role as an actress who marries an upcoming writer is charismatic and brave, so much so that even if the film falters down the line, she keeps up the tempo with her stellar performance. Her fashionable dresses grab attention and so are her shoes. In fact, she’d manage to look dazzling even in comfortable shoes such as those available at this website.

End of Watch

In this super realistic crime story, Anna Kendrick plays the role of Janet, the wife of a gritty LAPD officer, Brian (Jake Gyllenhaal).She provides the perfect foil of light hearted optimism to the violence the story portrays. She motivates her husband and his partner to fight for survival.

Making a Movie? Here’s Must Know Tips

Making a Movie Heres Must Know Tips

If you are ever engaged in shooting amateur film, then you know that it requires more knowledge and skill than simply turning on the camera. You need to know a lot about movement, light, how to follow the story, in which space to put it, what music to use … A lot of knowledge acquired from work and experience. If you are not shooting until now, but you plan to, then read these tips, which will prevent some beginner mistakes.

  1. Create as many shots. Today, it is easy to make more shots of one scene because you have access to digital technology that is eventually limited by memory. Previously, a lot of shooting were a waste of film tapes and money at the same time. Quite limiting factors. Given that you have the ability to record and delete easily, use it. This is an advantage! Shoot one scene several times. Use a variety of angles and perspectives, different lighting. Later, during editing, you will have the choice of shots, not just one that may not be good and cannot be repaired.
  2. Edit and record in no particular order. Take the opportunity for a good shot every time you look it. Do not miss it just because it doesn’t fit into the sequence of shots currently. Editing in the software allows you to insert scenes later, in the order that suits you. So there is no reason to skip something interesting because later you can simply insert it anywhere you want!
  3. Play with the proximity of the footage. If you just set the camera to record an event in front of it, is a good way to make a boring and monotonous footage. Pay attention to movies with good cinematography. You will see that there are broad scenes, middle scenes and close up scenes that are alternately changed and give dynamic to the film. So, play around with the proximity of footage. If it is necessary to include a wider view, use the wide screen frame. If you want to include events that involve several people, use the middle frame. If you want to focus on one person or on certain details of your story, use a close-up footage.
  4. Be careful with your movements. If you have ever watched how they make a big-budget movie, you must have noticed that the cameraman does not carry a camera in hand, but they are mostly on stands, which are eventually moving on special rails. This is not because the person who captures not like to walk, but because carrying the camera came with shaking and thus disrupt the audience. If you need to make moves, take the most of your camera and make proper zooming. It is best to develop the skills of manual zooming. Go from wide-screen to close up with a slight zoom. Too fast zoom is bad, as well as shaking of the camera. It takes a little practice, experience, and a good eye. Besides zooming, you can make pan movements that push footage left- right, or tilt movements that follow footage up and down.
  5. Provide good light. This is equally important in the cinema and photography. Good film lighting provides good visibility, and it will make a film clearer. This, of course, very much depends on your story. Night scenes should not shine in full glory as daily. What is important is to take care of the position of the lights. It should never be behind your subject unless your goal is to show only a silhouette, with no details.
  6. Look for the actors. The amateur film does not mean that you are limited to your family and friends. Observe the people around you. Maybe it’s someone you do not know a great for your movie and wants to participate in such a project. It is better to take the risk with the question than with bad actors. Good actors give you a better chance to make a good film, to expand rumors about it outside the circle of family and friends, and the ability to make a good movie review.
  7. The stage setting is very important. Boring white walls with no details are just that – boring and empty. No matter how much you wanted to highlight the action of your film, boring stage design will not help. Make it interesting and alluring to the eye. If you shoot outside, find some nice places, which offer a good view. A good background should never be underestimated.
  8. Do not underestimate sound. A good film is not just a good picture. He has to sound good. The dialogues and sound effects that are not heard, or that are mixed with background sounds and unclear, will ruin your movie. Do not use the microphone on the camera. Purchase or rent a good microphone.
  9. Do not correct mistakes later. If you do not like the scene, do not think that you can modify it during editing. It is much easier and better to record a new scene on the spot. Editing is something that requires a lot of learning and knowledge. You may not know how to fix your mistakes, and you will lose a lot of time and stay with poor, irreparable scene.
  10. Center your shots. As with photos, make a good position of the subject you are shooting . This is very important. If the subject is the focus of the story, it is pointless to be on the edge of the frame. When you make close-up shots it was not such challenge, but when you’re doing a wider footage, it may happen that your subject escapes to the side. One way to put it in the middle in relation to the environment is to imagine on your lens a grid that has 9 equal fields. In the center put what is essential, and on the side put background that adequately complements the scene.

As for all, making of the amateur film takes a lot of practice and experience. You will make a lot of mistakes and notice them only when you watch a film. That’s OK because such experiences shape you and make you better. Sometimes it is necessary to experience a mistake, but good advice can certainly prevent a bad experience. We hope that you will, following these tips, be a step away from the bitter experience and closer to a great film.

5 Actors Who Made it Big in Both Film and Theater

Having reaped success in both musical theater and cinema, Anna Kendrick is unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses. She made it seem easy to cross over these two totally different genres, but the truth is that it’s no easy feat.

Although theater and cinema are both in the performance arts field, they require unique talents from actors. Much like bananas and apples, musical plays and musical-themed movies are totally different creatures. You can’t easily pluck out a movie actor to play a role in a musical, as much as, you can’t have a stage actor perform a movie role. Things that run on live performance shows are unique in every way, as well as acting in front of cameras.

Stage actors undergo extensive training before they are considered for a role. It’s a profession that requires triple talent: dancing, singing, and acting. Many Broadway and West End artists enrolled in a formal music school before they were considered for a role. They are professionals who have completed formal training. Much like what you would do if you want to be a professional nail technician, where you would apply and enroll in a training school, such as those found in this website.

While many of today’s celebrities rose to fame without real reason, it’s refreshing to know some stars who banked on real talent and had their big breaks on the stage. Here are a few A-list actors who have made a big leap from theater stage to movie screens:

  1. Meryl Streep

Before portraying various movie roles, Streep played the role of Miss Imogen in the 1975 Broadway revival of Trelawny of the Wells. She then landed a breakout film role in Manhattan and The Deer Hunter. Streep currently holds the record of most Oscar nominations.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker may well be considered the quintessential American woman for playing the role of Manolo Blahnik in the television show Sex and the City. Her stylist and nail technicians, who seemed to have graduated from a nail technician school like this, dressed her up so elegantly. But before popularizing this iconic role, she had played a number of roles in several Broadway productions including Annie.

  1. Hugh Jackman

Who would have thought, Wolverine can dance and sing? Prior to assuming the ferocious, immortal clawed-superhero, Jackman was well-known for playing the lead character in the 1998 West End production Oklahoma! In 2012, the Australian actor wowed movie-goers with his impressive portrayal of Jean Valjean in the movie version of Les Miserables.

  1. John Travolta

We were endeared to Travolta’s Danny Zuko in the movie “Grease” but prior to that, he landed a role in the touring production of the musical “Grease” as well as a Broadway production of “Over Here!”

  1. Kristin Chenoweth

In 1997, Chenoweth debuted in the Broadway musical “Steel Pier” which earned her a Theatre World Award. She landed a number of roles in different musical productions prior to crossing over to Hollywood. In 2003, she returned to Broadway to join with Idina Menzel for the musical “Wicked.” The two got nominations for their roles.

Lea Michele, Taye Diggs, Jerry Orbach, Josh Gad, and Jeffrey Wright are other products of Broadway who are also carving a name in Hollywood. Know any artist who also started on stage?




Acting Is A Skill That Is Cultivated

Acting Is A Skill That Is Cultivated

Many people are not aware that acting is a tough activity because they think that this is only a projection of an individual’s talent. However, in any matter success is more a consequence of a hard work, skills development and progress, rather than the consequence of pure talent.  Acting is, we can say, as a growing plant.

Everything starts from germination. Talent in somebody might exist and be expressed in all fields. However, there are also those people with hidden talent who waits to be discovered. In fact, it is the same as when you lay the seeds of some plants in the ground and waiting to germinate and sprout up. Acting is much more than wearing masks. When he gets out in front of the audience, a good actor leaves his true self at home and enters a completely different skin. Yes, it can be the result of talent, but also a consequence of hard practicing under the stage lights.

To understand the shaping of an actor, you need to consider how to cultivate one bonsai. Try it! Any plant for proper growth, in addition to land and nutrients, should have a light to carry out photosynthesis. The light can be obtained from the sun, which is comparable to natural talent. But in totally enclosed conditions, it is possible to force the plant to grow. Plantozoid.com offers a wide range of lamps that can allow your plants to grow and develop like they are under the sun.

It is clear that the development and shaping a bonsai take time, patience, and love for what you are doing. With this goes a lot of learning and knowledge. Bonsai is essentially the growing of certain plants in a shallow dish, to produce their miniature version. Although it can be grown in outdoor conditions, a bonsai is essentially a house plant. In indoor conditions, it needs an artificial light to make progress, especially in the beginning. If you are involved growing any plants, then you should know how to choose the right light to enable the progress of your plants. This can provide you various forms of T5 grow lights.

It’s the same with acting, only grow lights are replaced with the stage lights. It is necessary to find the germ that lurks hidden in the individual and carefully drawn it to the surface. And when it comes out, then it should be carefully and patiently formed. Learning to act is like a pruning unnecessary branches and roots on one bonsai. Learn the text requires a lot of attention and time. Further attention requires developing of gestures, motor skills, facial expressions, the tone of voice. It takes a lot of hard work, good conditions a lot of practical experience. The real experience is an irreplaceable lesson. Rehearsal is just a rehearsal.

Yes, for acting is needed talent, but success in this field requires much more – will and desire to learn, progress and advancement. When it comes to acting, you can always be a bit better. You can always try to outdo yourself and reach your lights. When you cross that line, you can easily reach to the stars.

An insight into film lighting

An insight into film lighting

Lighting plays a key role in filming, especially the fill light and backlight. Fill light is the soft lighting in the front, while the stronger light in the back is the backlight. The lights can be arranged strategically, so you get a dark area between the space the backlight illuminates and the space the fill light illuminates to get a moody feel to the shot. This is very effective in most moody and somber settings.

For getting a different look, you can make the backlight softer, but in any setting, the backlight should dominate the fill light. This is part of the reason, why films take longer time to shoot. Light setting is the task that eats up plenty of time during film shoots. Therefore, it is better to plan a scene in such a way that it doesn’t need frequent relocation. And this is best accomplished when you order the scenes according to the lighting.

Time saving tip

In a scene with reverse and direct shot, instead of shifting lights and camera to the opposite side, switch actors and camera to the other side, so you get the right, eye line relationship. This lets you use a single lighting for multiple shots. Based on the situation, you may have to shift the props too. This tactic is right when the background of the actors present is identical. While this may not work all the time, when used in the right setting, it can come out well and save time too.

Cost effective lighting

Since lighting is pivotal in both video and film in relation to mood and tone setting, choosing a cost effective option is best. While fluorescent or tungsten lighting sets have been used conventionally, LEDs are becoming more popular now. These give better and powerful lighting and are cost saving too. In fact, even vehicles including emergency vehicles have efficient led light bars fitted in them to increase the lighting, when they drive at night.

Color mixing

The custom of mixing color temperatures of different types has been used to bring on a greater impact on scenes. This involves using different colored lights in a single shot. ‘Terminator 2’ had the steel mill shot where orange and blue light was used to symbolize molten steel and moonlight. But before you decide on color mixing, you have to assess the relationship of the different colors you are mixing, as it is impossible to change blue to a darker hue without turning the orange into a bluish tinge or less orangish.

One of the important things you note when you visit a film set is the harsh lighting. For an untrained eye, the place would look too bright. You may wonder why such efforts and money are put into lighting when the film would look more natural without them. The reason is that film as well as video does not react to light as our eyes react.

The contrast in lighting we see in real life cannot be dealt with by the film and video. Without artificial lights, you are bound to get the shadows go totally black or have a white area on the highlights. To get a natural scene, you need to have as much lighting as needed by the film or video to make it look natural.