Anna Kendricks Way of Truest Life

Anna Kendrick’s Way of Life

Anna Kendrick is one of America’s sweethearts. With her ever growing fan base, she is considered as one of America’s talented actress. Not only that, she happens to be a musician as well. Anna Kendrick was born on the 9th […]

Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

Our List of Top 10 Best Musicals Ever Made

When it comes to musicals, everyone seems to have an opinion. There are some people who over-praise certain musicals, while there are few people who seem to blindly hate whatever that comes out. So what makes a musical really great? […]

Tips To Write A Movie Review

Tips To Write A Movie Review

So you happen to watch a lot of movies every now and then. And most of the time, you seem to have an opinion that you want to share. Maybe, you liked it, maybe you didn’t like certain parts. The […]


Best Roles Of Anna Kendrick

Best Roles Of Anna Kendrick

A seasoned artist never fails to deliver. Anna Kendrick is one such artist who has vowed audiences with her killer performances. Her recent Pitch Perfect 2 is proof enough. Her role, Beca in the film has retained her place as one of the most captivating of Hollywood’s leading divas.  As one of the college leaders of The Bellas, a Capella team, she has come up with a good one. Here are some of her other roles, which had brought her into limelight in Hollywood.


This film had Anna Kendrick performing as Fritzi Wagner, a calculating but meek actor. Despite her role being a minor one and a debut for her, she managed to pull it off splendidly. Her dazzling act with flawless timing in comedy and the right nuances was noticed and applauded. The film is about a teenagers’ group in Camp, a musical theater. With such a backdrop, the film has several classic Broadway performance shows to enjoy.  Kendrick plays an introvert who shifts into a ruthless opportunist who doesn’t fear even killing to get the coveted role in the show.  Kendrick received a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for her performance as Fritzi.

The Twilight Saga

This is a highly successful series with millions of fans all over the world. Anna Kendric plays the role of Jessica Stanley. Of the five films in the series, Kendrick appears in four albeit occasionally. As a friend of Bella (Kirsten Stewart), Jessica puts up a good show as the kindhearted sympathizer of Bella, all the while burning with envy at Bella’s love life. Even a non-fan would find Anna Kendrick’s act, which blends manic energy and layered comedy, quite wonderful. She has excellent comedy timing coupled with good dress sense. From her make up to her prim and proper shoes, she chooses well.

Up in the Air

In this flick with George Clooney, Anna Kendrick plays the role of Natalie Keener. The trio Clooney, Kendrick and Jason Bateman rocked in the film. Her role in the film, where she has the job of a corporate consultant who deals with companies all over the country and does the dirty work of firing their employees was praised by Manohla Dargis of New York Times as an attention grabbing one, which is in itself a big feat.  Kendrick received an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in this film.

The Last Five Years

Kendrick plays the role of Cathy Hiatt in this off-Broadway musical performance.  Her role as an actress who marries an upcoming writer is charismatic and brave, so much so that even if the film falters down the line, she keeps up the tempo with her stellar performance. Her fashionable dresses grab attention and so are her shoes. In fact, she’d manage to look dazzling even in comfortable shoes such as those available at this website.

End of Watch

In this super realistic crime story, Anna Kendrick plays the role of Janet, the wife of a gritty LAPD officer, Brian (Jake Gyllenhaal).She provides the perfect foil of light hearted optimism to the violence the story portrays. She motivates her husband and his partner to fight for survival.

Making a Movie? Here’s Must Know Tips

Making a Movie Heres Must Know Tips

If you are ever engaged in shooting amateur film, then you know that it requires more knowledge and skill than simply turning on the camera. You need to know a lot about movement, light, how to follow the story, in which space to put it, what music to use … A lot of knowledge acquired from work and experience. If you are not shooting until now, but you plan to, then read these tips, which will prevent some beginner mistakes.

  1. Create as many shots. Today, it is easy to make more shots of one scene because you have access to digital technology that is eventually limited by memory. Previously, a lot of shooting were a waste of film tapes and money at the same time. Quite limiting factors. Given that you have the ability to record and delete easily, use it. This is an advantage! Shoot one scene several times. Use a variety of angles and perspectives, different lighting. Later, during editing, you will have the choice of shots, not just one that may not be good and cannot be repaired.
  2. Edit and record in no particular order. Take the opportunity for a good shot every time you look it. Do not miss it just because it doesn’t fit into the sequence of shots currently. Editing in the software allows you to insert scenes later, in the order that suits you. So there is no reason to skip something interesting because later you can simply insert it anywhere you want!
  3. Play with the proximity of the footage. If you just set the camera to record an event in front of it, is a good way to make a boring and monotonous footage. Pay attention to movies with good cinematography. You will see that there are broad scenes, middle scenes and close up scenes that are alternately changed and give dynamic to the film. So, play around with the proximity of footage. If it is necessary to include a wider view, use the wide screen frame. If you want to include events that involve several people, use the middle frame. If you want to focus on one person or on certain details of your story, use a close-up footage.
  4. Be careful with your movements. If you have ever watched how they make a big-budget movie, you must have noticed that the cameraman does not carry a camera in hand, but they are mostly on stands, which are eventually moving on special rails. This is not because the person who captures not like to walk, but because carrying the camera came with shaking and thus disrupt the audience. If you need to make moves, take the most of your camera and make proper zooming. It is best to develop the skills of manual zooming. Go from wide-screen to close up with a slight zoom. Too fast zoom is bad, as well as shaking of the camera. It takes a little practice, experience, and a good eye. Besides zooming, you can make pan movements that push footage left- right, or tilt movements that follow footage up and down.
  5. Provide good light. This is equally important in the cinema and photography. Good film lighting provides good visibility, and it will make a film clearer. This, of course, very much depends on your story. Night scenes should not shine in full glory as daily. What is important is to take care of the position of the lights. It should never be behind your subject unless your goal is to show only a silhouette, with no details.
  6. Look for the actors. The amateur film does not mean that you are limited to your family and friends. Observe the people around you. Maybe it’s someone you do not know a great for your movie and wants to participate in such a project. It is better to take the risk with the question than with bad actors. Good actors give you a better chance to make a good film, to expand rumors about it outside the circle of family and friends, and the ability to make a good movie review.
  7. The stage setting is very important. Boring white walls with no details are just that – boring and empty. No matter how much you wanted to highlight the action of your film, boring stage design will not help. Make it interesting and alluring to the eye. If you shoot outside, find some nice places, which offer a good view. A good background should never be underestimated.
  8. Do not underestimate sound. A good film is not just a good picture. He has to sound good. The dialogues and sound effects that are not heard, or that are mixed with background sounds and unclear, will ruin your movie. Do not use the microphone on the camera. Purchase or rent a good microphone.
  9. Do not correct mistakes later. If you do not like the scene, do not think that you can modify it during editing. It is much easier and better to record a new scene on the spot. Editing is something that requires a lot of learning and knowledge. You may not know how to fix your mistakes, and you will lose a lot of time and stay with poor, irreparable scene.
  10. Center your shots. As with photos, make a good position of the subject you are shooting . This is very important. If the subject is the focus of the story, it is pointless to be on the edge of the frame. When you make close-up shots it was not such challenge, but when you’re doing a wider footage, it may happen that your subject escapes to the side. One way to put it in the middle in relation to the environment is to imagine on your lens a grid that has 9 equal fields. In the center put what is essential, and on the side put background that adequately complements the scene.

As for all, making of the amateur film takes a lot of practice and experience. You will make a lot of mistakes and notice them only when you watch a film. That’s OK because such experiences shape you and make you better. Sometimes it is necessary to experience a mistake, but good advice can certainly prevent a bad experience. We hope that you will, following these tips, be a step away from the bitter experience and closer to a great film.

5 Actors Who Made it Big in Both Film and Theater


Having reaped success in both musical theater and cinema, Anna Kendrick is unquestionably one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses. She made it seem easy to cross over these two totally different genres, but the truth is that it’s no easy feat.

Although theater and cinema are both in the performance arts field, they require unique talents from actors. Much like bananas and apples, musical plays and musical-themed movies are totally different creatures. You can’t easily pluck out a movie actor to play a role in a musical, as much as, you can’t have a stage actor perform a movie role. Things that run on live performance shows are unique in every way, as well as acting in front of cameras.

Stage actors undergo extensive training before they are considered for a role. It’s a profession that requires triple talent: dancing, singing, and acting. Many Broadway and West End artists enrolled in a formal music school before they were considered for a role. They are professionals who have completed formal training. Much like what you would do if you want to be a professional nail technician, where you would apply and enroll in a training school, such as those found in this website.

While many of today’s celebrities rose to fame without real reason, it’s refreshing to know some stars who banked on real talent and had their big breaks on the stage. Here are a few A-list actors who have made a big leap from theater stage to movie screens:

  1. Meryl Streep

Before portraying various movie roles, Streep played the role of Miss Imogen in the 1975 Broadway revival of Trelawny of the Wells. She then landed a breakout film role in Manhattan and The Deer Hunter. Streep currently holds the record of most Oscar nominations.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker may well be considered the quintessential American woman for playing the role of Manolo Blahnik in the television show Sex and the City. Her stylist and nail technicians, who seemed to have graduated from a nail technician school like this, dressed her up so elegantly. But before popularizing this iconic role, she had played a number of roles in several Broadway productions including Annie.

  1. Hugh Jackman

Who would have thought, Wolverine can dance and sing? Prior to assuming the ferocious, immortal clawed-superhero, Jackman was well-known for playing the lead character in the 1998 West End production Oklahoma! In 2012, the Australian actor wowed movie-goers with his impressive portrayal of Jean Valjean in the movie version of Les Miserables.

  1. John Travolta

We were endeared to Travolta’s Danny Zuko in the movie “Grease” but prior to that, he landed a role in the touring production of the musical “Grease” as well as a Broadway production of “Over Here!”

  1. Kristin Chenoweth

In 1997, Chenoweth debuted in the Broadway musical “Steel Pier” which earned her a Theatre World Award. She landed a number of roles in different musical productions prior to crossing over to Hollywood. In 2003, she returned to Broadway to join with Idina Menzel for the musical “Wicked.” The two got nominations for their roles.

Lea Michele, Taye Diggs, Jerry Orbach, Josh Gad, and Jeffrey Wright are other products of Broadway who are also carving a name in Hollywood. Know any artist who also started on stage?




Acting Is A Skill That Is Cultivated

Acting Is A Skill That Is Cultivated

Many people are not aware that acting is a tough activity because they think that this is only a projection of an individual’s talent. However, in any matter success is more a consequence of a hard work, skills development and progress, rather than the consequence of pure talent.  Acting is, we can say, as a growing plant.

Everything starts from germination. Talent in somebody might exist and be expressed in all fields. However, there are also those people with hidden talent who waits to be discovered. In fact, it is the same as when you lay the seeds of some plants in the ground and waiting to germinate and sprout up. Acting is much more than wearing masks. When he gets out in front of the audience, a good actor leaves his true self at home and enters a completely different skin. Yes, it can be the result of talent, but also a consequence of hard practicing under the stage lights.

To understand the shaping of an actor, you need to consider how to cultivate one bonsai. Try it! Any plant for proper growth, in addition to land and nutrients, should have a light to carry out photosynthesis. The light can be obtained from the sun, which is comparable to natural talent. But in totally enclosed conditions, it is possible to force the plant to grow. offers a wide range of lamps that can allow your plants to grow and develop like they are under the sun.

It is clear that the development and shaping a bonsai take time, patience, and love for what you are doing. With this goes a lot of learning and knowledge. Bonsai is essentially the growing of certain plants in a shallow dish, to produce their miniature version. Although it can be grown in outdoor conditions, a bonsai is essentially a house plant. In indoor conditions, it needs an artificial light to make progress, especially in the beginning. If you are involved growing any plants, then you should know how to choose the right light to enable the progress of your plants. This can provide you various forms of T5 grow lights.

It’s the same with acting, only grow lights are replaced with the stage lights. It is necessary to find the germ that lurks hidden in the individual and carefully drawn it to the surface. And when it comes out, then it should be carefully and patiently formed. Learning to act is like a pruning unnecessary branches and roots on one bonsai. Learn the text requires a lot of attention and time. Further attention requires developing of gestures, motor skills, facial expressions, the tone of voice. It takes a lot of hard work, good conditions a lot of practical experience. The real experience is an irreplaceable lesson. Rehearsal is just a rehearsal.

Yes, for acting is needed talent, but success in this field requires much more – will and desire to learn, progress and advancement. When it comes to acting, you can always be a bit better. You can always try to outdo yourself and reach your lights. When you cross that line, you can easily reach to the stars.

An insight into film lighting

An insight into film lighting

Lighting plays a key role in filming, especially the fill light and backlight. Fill light is the soft lighting in the front, while the stronger light in the back is the backlight. The lights can be arranged strategically, so you get a dark area between the space the backlight illuminates and the space the fill light illuminates to get a moody feel to the shot. This is very effective in most moody and somber settings.

For getting a different look, you can make the backlight softer, but in any setting, the backlight should dominate the fill light. This is part of the reason, why films take longer time to shoot. Light setting is the task that eats up plenty of time during film shoots. Therefore, it is better to plan a scene in such a way that it doesn’t need frequent relocation. And this is best accomplished when you order the scenes according to the lighting.

Time saving tip

In a scene with reverse and direct shot, instead of shifting lights and camera to the opposite side, switch actors and camera to the other side, so you get the right, eye line relationship. This lets you use a single lighting for multiple shots. Based on the situation, you may have to shift the props too. This tactic is right when the background of the actors present is identical. While this may not work all the time, when used in the right setting, it can come out well and save time too.

Cost effective lighting

Since lighting is pivotal in both video and film in relation to mood and tone setting, choosing a cost effective option is best. While fluorescent or tungsten lighting sets have been used conventionally, LEDs are becoming more popular now. These give better and powerful lighting and are cost saving too. In fact, even vehicles including emergency vehicles have efficient led light bars fitted in them to increase the lighting, when they drive at night.

Color mixing

The custom of mixing color temperatures of different types has been used to bring on a greater impact on scenes. This involves using different colored lights in a single shot. ‘Terminator 2’ had the steel mill shot where orange and blue light was used to symbolize molten steel and moonlight. But before you decide on color mixing, you have to assess the relationship of the different colors you are mixing, as it is impossible to change blue to a darker hue without turning the orange into a bluish tinge or less orangish.

One of the important things you note when you visit a film set is the harsh lighting. For an untrained eye, the place would look too bright. You may wonder why such efforts and money are put into lighting when the film would look more natural without them. The reason is that film as well as video does not react to light as our eyes react.

The contrast in lighting we see in real life cannot be dealt with by the film and video. Without artificial lights, you are bound to get the shadows go totally black or have a white area on the highlights. To get a natural scene, you need to have as much lighting as needed by the film or video to make it look natural.

The Movies With The Most Beautiful Cinematography

The Movies With The Most Beautiful Cinematography

When we watch a movie, the first thing that appeals to us, well apart from the star cast, is the appearance. What makes a movie look good is cinematography. It is an undeniable impact on the movie.
What is cinematography? It is the art of motion picture photography. How you film a movie is essential is how it is perceived by the viewers.

There are lots of movies with good cinematography. But there are some that touched our hearts in a different way altogether! This is what we bring to you here; a list of some of the movies with the most efficient and new cinematography!

Life of Pi

We have all adored this movie. This movie was just perfect. This has the perfect combination of all the required elements: script, acting, music and presentation! The look will attract you to the movie. It is a perfectly filmed project, something that the makers can be proud about! With a tiger, in the middle of the sea: something really incredible. If you have wanted to be as fit as the protagonist, this might prove to be useful. One of the most beautiful looking films deserves a place in this list.

Tron: Legacy

Haven’t you wished you were right in there, amidst all the action? This movie is filled with good looking elements, something that appeals to the viewers in a huge way! If you are into minutely looking into the attractions of a film, this is the ideal movie for you!


If you are talking about beautifully captured movies, you cannot leave out Avatar! This is a one of a kind movie. The amount of money that went behind making this view is the same as the amount the US government spends every year educational aspects.


This is the wow film! Everyone was taken aback at how beautifully this idea was conceptualized and how perfectly the movie was filmed! This is a movie no one should miss in a lifetime. Watch Leo di Caprio discover and manipulate the mind in this movie that involves some beautiful cinematography.


While we are at Christopher Nolan, let us not forget the 2014 hit movie Interstellar. This one man has the ability to single handedly frame a picture in the most beautiful way, with some amazing cinematography. The protagonist transcends the boundaries of Science and discovers the 5th dimension and how beautifully has that been presented!

Star Wars

One cannot simply leave out the omnipresent Star Wars! Using the best of technology and creative minds, Star Wars isn’t a movie, it’s a whole experience. It is probably one of the best presented movies of all times and fans from across the world will be testimony to this. Making this life-like is a matter of credit and that is what cinematography does!

It is one thing to have an idea and a whole other thing to bring that idea to life. This is where cinematography comes in. One cannot undermine the importance of this aspect of filming.

The Best Sports Movies Of All Time

The Best Sports Movies Of All Time

How often have we come across those sports movies and got emotional? Making a sports movie is a very difficult task. There’s lot more to keep in mind. This includes the techniques, the drama, the cinematography and the likes. A well made sports movie really manages to touch our hearts. It brings in the emotions of joy, ecstasy, competition, pride, patriotism and failures all together to bring in the perfect mix for making a movie. Yes, there have been many experiments with sports movies, but only a few really struck the right chord!

These movies know no bounds. They have explored sports options from football to baseball. Each of these strikes a different chord with us. And if you are into longboarding, we suggest you to delve into

Let us look into some of the most well made sports movies:

Bend it like Beckham!

Yes, this has been every sports fan’s favorite for ages now. It’s about an India girl’s story and struggle to play football, breaking rigid restrictions, disapproving parents nurturing her ambition with an undeniable passion. This masterpiece had a very deep impact on the youth of any country. This definitely deserves to feature in this list.

Million Dollar Baby

This is again one of the most beautiful sports movies ever made. This is the brainchild of Clint Eastwood and that is enough to gauge the value of the movie. It beautifully presents Hilary Swank and wonderfully portrays the story. It will take you through a roller coaster ride of emotions, eventually leaving a deep impact on you long after the move has got over.

Field of dreams

If we are talking about the most well made sports movies, we cannot leave this particular entry. Field of dreams. This is every sports fan’s favorite. The 1989 movie went on to receive a number of nominations for the Academy awards including the likes of Best Music, Original Score, Best Picture and Best Writing. Such is the magic of this movie.


Brad Pitt makes its way into this list with his hit project of Moneyball. The journey of Billy Beane from taking his club from a nothing to everything is just amazing. The plot is exciting, the cinematography is captivating and the performances are the cherry on the cake. The movie is best enjoyed by baseball fans.


You just cannot leave out the evergreen Rocky from this list of the best sports movies. Quite literally, this movie set up a frame of reference for other sports movies to be judged. The drama and emotions flow wonderfully in this motion picture. Sylvester Stallone’s writing, Carl Weather’s performances bring in the perfect combination of sports sentiments. This movie has been followed by 5 sequels and a sixth one is in talks.

Hollywood has always managed to please the sports fans with its impeccable list of adventurous movies. There are many others that couldn’t make into this list. One special mention for The Blind Side sums up the list!

Cinematic Brilliance Of Two Talented Individuals: Audrey Hepburn & Audrey Tatou

Cinematic Brilliance Of Two Talented Individuals

The name Audrey indeed is a lucky one in the movie industry. Audrey Tatou and Audrey Hepburn are two extremely talented and beautiful women who graced the golden screen with their presence. Surely the two women are from different generations and different eras. But each one has some extensively beautiful movies and performances in their kitty.

While Audrey Hepburn has given us some evergreen movies to cherish on for years to come now, Audrey Tatou is seamlessly continuing with her efficient and beautiful work. Let us look into some of the contributions these two individuals have made on the global movie industry.

Audrey Hepburn

Considered to be one of the most beautiful faces on screen, she enchanted her audiences with some beautiful movies. The British girl was part of the Hollywood’s Golden Age. From 1942 to 1992, she kept giving beautiful performances that earned her fans and followers in different parts of the world. Who can ever forget the mind blowing work in Roman holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the likes? Wait Until Dark is yet another well made movie that made the audience fall in love with the beautiful Belgium born lady. This movie includes the perfect idea of suspense and thrill while depicting the story of a blind girl in a house, alone amidst and unaware of the presence of enemies.

With Audrey’s work in War and Peace, the audience further realized the talent that this lady carried. These are accompanied by a series of successful movies in the movie industry. Her impeccable style and chic attitude are something that cannot be emulated by the others.

Hepburn turned into a humanitarian during the last stage of her life. She was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. She worked towards helping the impoverish children while travelling to different countries. She leaves behind a huge legacy with a series of Academy, Emmy, Bafta, Grammy and Tony Awards.

Audrey Tatou

The other Audrey is also a classic mix of beauty and talent. This 39 year old French actress continues to impress her viewers with some wonderful performances. Her most famous work is that of Amelie which really reached out to people all across the world. Coco Avant Chanel is yet another French movie where her performance has been greatly appreciated. This depicts the story of a small town girl from doing petty jobs like singing at restaurants and doing some sewing assignments, to becoming the all famous brand of Coco Chanel. If you are also interested in sewing, SergerPro might help you nurture your skills.

Her performance in Hollywood was best recognized in the movie of The Da Vinci Code where she shared screen space with the great Tom Hanks! Tatou’s work has been spread out over television projects and some big name movies! She considers herself to be a French girl. As reported by her, ‘I am, at the end of the day, a French actress.’  With her beautiful work, she is indeed the apple of many eyes.

Hollywood’s Tryst With Golf

Hollywoods Tryst With Golf

Golf is the gentleman’s game; quite literally. No matter which part of the world you visit, golf will always be a persistent aspect. And in reality, it is more difficult to play than how you perceive it to be. It’s just not about putting the ball in the hole. A lot more thinking has to be done before and during the game.

Coming to Hollywood, there are plenty of golf scenes you will find in this industry. There have been many movies that were made in the name of golf, depicting the whole storyline and drama through this sophisticated game. Let us now look in some of the best Hollywood projects that were made with the concept of golf games.

Dead Solid Perfect

This 1988 drama was an instant hit amongst the viewers especially those who love golf.  This picture tells us the story of a pro golfer. He is into the phase in life where he is hungry for success. His success tours around the country bring in different adventures for him and that is what this movie revolves around.

A gentleman’s game

This is yet another movie based on golf. The beautiful screenplay is what attracts the viewers here. The whole movie is stationed at one summer when there is a complete change in the lives of the characters at a country club.


Talking about the best golf movies, Caddyshack definitely should feature in the list. This lighthearted comedy is a beautiful depiction of the game of golf. This includes drama and comedy in the best possible mixture. The whole movie is set up in a single golf course and there are new additions to the club of golfers. The picture features the wealthy club members and the not-so-wealthy staff members. The numerous subplots add to the beauty of the movie.

The greatest game ever played

In this movie of The Greatest Game Ever Played, golf is presented as a biographical work. The project is based on the life of Golf Champion Francis Ouimet. What a lot of us won’t know about Ouimet is that he is the first amateur to win an US Open. Incredible, isn’t it? But the catch here is different. Back in the early 1900s, amateur golf was a prestigious sport enjoyed only by the wealthy and eccentric. Ouimet, hailing from the working class, managed to reach this level and this is amazing. Golf is meant for everyone, irrespective of the social boundaries. Golfers look for a proper golf rangefinder – the one thing that can prove really useful for the game.

29 and Holding

This is another interesting golf movie that is a must watch for all golf enthusiasts. This is a comedy that revolves around the life of a teacher who prefers living and spending time on the golf course than working. It is a light hearted take on the subject of golf.

Hollywood has been working closely with golf for a long time now. It is a great platform to familiarize the audience with sports.

How To Write A Musical?

How To Write A Musical

Hollywood has had so many different encounters with the concept of musicals. This is indeed a great platform to depict a drama, covering all aspects of theatre. Be it romance, comedy, suspense and drama, a musical has it all. And trust us when we say this, making a musical is not just any random job. It takes courage and dedication to base an entire drama on music.

The Sound Of Music is one of the most well made Hollywood musicals ever. We still revel in the beautifully made film with all the unique characters. To add to the list, we can talk about High School Musical, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge and the likes. Singin’ In the Rain is yet another well loved movie from 1952. All these movies show how important music is in the world of cinema.

But how do you write a musical? It needs an organized and clear thought process. Let us look at it step by step.

  • Finding the right storyline:

This is the most important aspect about a musical. You must be careful while you choose the story. If you are taking it from a book or play, make sure that this is a new one and no one has worked on it previously. Once you have chosen the story, you can start your project of making a musical.

  • Premature publishing:

In order to let the people know about the musical you are working on, you should create a public domain. Give updates here and keep the readers updated. This will act as a promotion for your musical. But remember never to give away the script here.

  • Music:

This is again a very important task to do. Since it is a musical and a majority of the movie will consist of songs, you have to choose the best songs. The people should be attracted to the movie by the songs you project in here. So make a list. Do not just involve your favorite songs but ensure that the music tallies well with the script. Also, keep in mind, you will need background music along with the songs. You can use different instruments and if you are going for digital pianos, we recommend checking out this example.

  • Framework:

Once you are ready with the script, you need to have a small idea of acting movements, props and certain choreography steps. Start having an idea of what to place where and which actor does what. You can gradually improve on this as the project progresses.

  • Get the actors:

The final step in this process will be gathering your actors. Whether you are working with old friends or professionals, all of you must get together to start work on the musical. So get your actors together, explain the script and directions to them and then you are all set to start filming it!

A musical is nothing really very difficult. You need to be organized while working on such a project. Follow each of the steps, one and one, and trust me, you are ready with your musical!