Throwing a celebrity dinner party

Throwing a celebrity dinner partyThe movie industry is known for its elaborate and glamourous parties. With all the important people in attendance, you are bound to give very little thought to how the food is as you would spend most of the time staring at all the glitz and glamor. Arranging a dinner party for celebrities is not that easy to manage. You need to consider the guest list and the preferences of the guests and arrive at a pleasing and sumptuous meal without any mishaps. Here are some tips on hosting a great party whether it is a celebrity gala event or a simple one with family and friends.

Guest list

A dinner party is the chance for you to show off your exquisitely decorated dining room. While you are dying to show the décor to your friends and acquaintances, you should keep in mind the space constraints and put together a list accordingly. The plates and glassware should also be considered. In comparison, an outdoor party is much easier. A barbeque is more of an informal party that lets you and guests unwind and relax. With a wonderful gas smoker, you can dish out a delicious fare. And the preparations need not be as elaborate as what an indoor party needs.

Healthy menu

The food allergies that your guests have should be known beforehand. You have several different types of allergies to consider, before you choose your menu such as diary free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc. This can make the menu planning a big headache.

The secret to have a successful party is not planning on tons of dishes trying to appease all your guests. The best way to plan the menu is choosing healthy foods. Since health consciousness is on the overboard, now you can think of grilled foods instead of fried food for starters.

Grilled meat or vegetable from one of a reliable pellet smokers is a great alternative to the fried meat. In fact, your guests will thank you for the healthy choices. For instance, you can serve fish or meat instead of potatoes and rice, or farro or quinoa as the starch items.

Preparing food

cupcakesInstead of being stuck in the cooking for the party, you can choose dishes that you can prepare well in advance, and which need very little cooking time. For salads, you can choose a salad like Caesar kale salad. This would be great as first course and you can even toss it in dressing early without worrying about the salad wilting. This salad holds up very well.

Dishes such as short ribs can be marinated well before hand and the cooking time is minimal.  You need to just put the ribs in sauce and cook them. For veggies, you can grill asparagus, pepper, and mushrooms.

When planning an indoor dinner party, you can split up the party by having the appetizer in one room, dessert in another and so on. This will give enough breathing room and you can have the satisfaction of showing off your beautiful dining, den, patio, or other rooms in your home to your guests.

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